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Third Party Risk Assessment

KPMG gathers information from a wide range of intelligence sources to provide our clients with information on their business partners and employees. This could be for regular compliance risk assessment practices, for example, or for the purpose of evaluating investment opportunities or M&A potential.

We combine KPMG’s global team reach and resources with in-depth local knowledge to provide both high-level and focused analyses of established and emerging markets.

Our corporate intelligence services

Market Intelligence

We help your company enter unfamiliar markets by providing objective and credible data and official information from publicly available sources, expert opinion, and our own internal KPMG Global database.

Integrity Due Diligence*

We conduct comprehensive and bespoke counterparty due diligence checks to explore new business relationships.

Asset Tracing and Litigation support

We use verified and credible sources to locate a debtor and their assets, including any assets held abroad. We help our clients to develop the optimal approach to debt recovery and support them during compliance investigations.

*Integrity Due Diligence

We conduct risk-based integrity due diligence checks, segmenting counterparties to support our clients third-party compliance programmes and protect them against regulatory violations, in addition to any financial and reputational damage.

Integrity Due Diligence means your company can identify and mitigate any risks associated with business partners that are unlikely to be revealed through standard due diligence procedures. These include sanctions, politically-exposed persons, risks arising from anti-bribery/corruption laws and anti-money laundering regulations, financial crime, unethical business behaviour, etc.

KPMG investigates business track records, government connections, financial standings, and the reputations of individuals and legal entities. Our Forensic team guarantees a thorough review of publicly available sources, deep analysis of expert market opinions, and a clear presentation of our findings that includes a visualisation of relationships between entities and risk-factor grading.

We offer the following Integrity Due Diligence services:

  • Third Party Enhanced Due Diligence, comprising full-scope adverse media research through multi-jurisdictional public domain sources and market expert enquiries on high-risk business partners.
  • KYC and Vendor Screening, covering basic background checks of medium- and low-risk business partners, distributors, agents, subcontractors, customers, service providers, and others, with respect to reputational and integrity risks.
  • Compliance and ABC Due Diligence, providing a targeted screening of your counterparty’s compliance with the US Foreign Corruption Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act (UKBA) and other relevant domestic counter-bribery legislation, as well as compliance with the US OFAC and other sanction controls.
  • AML Due Diligence, focusing on background screening, sanction and watch list checks, and documentation verification for compliance with domestic and international anti-money-laundering regulation requirements.
  • Supply Chain Due Diligence to identify, assess, mitigate and monitor regulatory and reputational risks that stem from third parties across your entire supply chain network, with analysis and research tailored to each client’s specific concerns.
  • Transaction and M&A Due Diligence, providing market-wide or country-wide intelligence and analysis of counterparties and critical stakeholders, going beyond a standardised due diligence checklist.
  • Pre-employment Screening, covering collection and verification of detailed information on a candidate, determination of compliance risks (including potential conflicts of interest), and preparation of a summary that suits the client’s specific request.

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