We are in a period of constant change and opportunity. Businesses know they need to reinvent themselves digitally to thrive. But what to do first — and how to do it — may not be so clear.

Every area of the modern enterprise – from procurement and supply chain, to finance and HR needs to change. It needs to digitise, break out of its silo, and connect with the rest of the business to deliver results now and into the future. Now is the time to double down on digital transformation to advance operations, drive tech enablement and integrate emerging technologies.

By taking bold actions and a business-centric approach to transformation, organisations can be well positioned to lead today and grow tomorrow.

We can help you navigate your digital transformation journey, whether you’re just starting out or along the way.

Our industry-leading approach to enterprise-wide transformation aligns your technology strategy with your business strategy and connects you with your customers, employees and business partners.

Technological transformation is a concept that can define not only our business, but also the world today. While technology is changing many areas of life, it is also redefining the methods of growth, development and competition in the business world.

At KPMG Turkey, we offer Technology Transformation Services to ensure your business keeps pace with today's world. With our extensive global experience, industry- focused approach, and end-to-end services approach, we help you figure out how to leverage technology to drive innovation and sustainability in your company's operations. With the technology strategy we develop with you according to your prioritized business needs, you can build a solid foundation for managing your business transformation.

How KPMG's technology transformation services can help

Information Technology Strategy and Governance

An IT strategy that aligns with the business strategy ensures that the purpose of IT supports the business purpose. In addition to developing an IT strategy, an IT master plan must be created that includes appropriate projects and initiatives, as well as resource and investment plans for implementation. At KPMG Turkey, we support you through the following expertise in creating your IT strategy and master plan, as well as positioning the appropriate governance structure to support the structure created:

— IT strategy formulation service
— Creation of an IT master plan
— Definition of the IT governance structure
— Consulting services on the application areas of the new technologies

Architectural Design

It is important to take an architectural approach so that the business and technology components can be defined in line with the company's business model and can be adapted in the future as needed. At KPMG Turkey, we offer comprehensive services to create the right architecture to support your business at various levels:

— Enterprise architecture design
— Technical architecture design
— Application architecture design
— Integration architecture design
— Data architecture design
— Architectural design of infrastructure

Process Analysis and Improvement

Service management processes must be carried out at a certain maturity to ensure IT service quality. At KPMG Turkey, we evaluate your IT service management processes based on ITIL, ISO 20000 and COBIT and create a process improvement roadmap for you by identifying the maturity levels of the processes and the points that need improvement. As part of the implementation of the created roadmap, we support you in the realization of your target processes by performing a redesign of your processes for you.

— Process Maturity Assessment Service
— Process Improvement Roadmap Creation Service
— Process Design/Improvement Service

Business Solution and Supplier Selection

To position a business solution that meets your business needs, your business requirements should be reviewed in detail and alternative business solutions should be determined in light of this assessment. The most suitable solution among the alternatives should be determined through a systematic comparison and the appropriate vendor should be selected. At KPMG Turkey, we will assist you in selecting the appropriate business solution and vendor, as well as installing the business solution:

— Assessing the business needs and identifying alternatives to the business solution
— Preparation of technical specifications and selection of suppliers
— Project management support for the implementation of the business solution

IT Portfolio

Companies often face problems in prioritizing investments, capacity planning and business continuity while trying to run many projects simultaneously. At KPMG Turkey, we offer consulting services to help you improve your project management capabilities and manage the services in your portfolio more effectively through a Project Management Office (PMO) that implements your organization's project management practices.

— Establishing a Project Management Office and assessing its maturity level
— Portfolio, program and project management consulting and support services
— Project portfolio and strategy alignment assessment
— Project management training services

CIO Consulting

Keeping up with the pace of development and change in today's technology world can be difficult for even the most skilled managers. IT projects, especially those that affect critical business processes, require large budgets and the management of large teams. Mistakes made on such projects can result in huge irreversible costs. The positive contribution to be provided to CIOs and CTOs in projects with such a high level of importance, and every critical step taken will help the processes to be more robust. At KPMG Turkey, we offer consulting services to inform and support you on technology developments that have the potential to completely transform your business models and processes and move your organization forward:

— Cost-benefit analyses of potential IT solutions
— Return on investment (ROI) calculations
— Business impact and risk analysis for continuity
— GAP analysis before or after project decisions
— Human resources recruitment interviews and competency analysis of existing resources
— Presentations to management and other IT stakeholders
— Reflections of business process change on company culture and organizing awareness campaigns

We bring together insights, tools and solutions to help you build a future-ready business based on stronger connections between customers and experiences, the power of technology, and risk and regulation. We call this Connected. Powered. Trusted.

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