Business leaders need to feel confident they are making the right decisions. That means knowing that their data, algorithms and analytics they use to make those decisions can be trusted. It also means understanding and managing the emerging risks and opportunities that complex data and analytics create.

Done right, analytics has the power to increase revenue, reduce costs and minimise risk throughout the business. We understand the needs of your whole business – not just the technical requirements – and the role data and analytics can play in optimizing and transforming your business.

We bring together our deep industry and functional knowledge with leading edge analytics expertise to harness the power of data.

Trust your decisions. Have confidence in your data and analytics

At KPMG, we provide data, analytics, and automation solutions that transform business and operating models and help organizations implement their data-driven strategies.

We combine our data and analytics capabilities with our technology and deep expertise to accelerate innovation in data-driven solutions and deliver results on a global scale.

Data is gaining value like gold day by day. Data, by its nature, comes in different forms, can be shaped for different purposes, and data can be processed and used repeatedly. It turns out that despite large investments, many companies are struggling to tap into this new mine and create value by processing it. There are many reasons for this, including complex and peripheral architectures, lack of access controls and data policies, and lack of an organizational data language.

Despite these challenges, pioneering organizations have begun to reimagine their relationship with data to extract value from it. The common strategies these organizations will pursue in the coming years are listed below:


Developing a “data value proposition” based on business requirements and data regulations


Incorporating data-related responsibilities into business processes


Initiate an assessment of the language of enterprise data

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Mastering the transition to data-driven business behaviors

We view data, analytics, and intelligent automation as fundamental to everything we do to improve, accelerate, and automate business decisions to drive business growth and profitability, uncover and enhance the value of data, and achieve successful data-driven business outcomes. We offer the services listed below to develop customized solutions and provide end-to-end services that enable data-driven transformations for our clients.


Governance is the management of the availability, integrity and security of an organization's data and information assets. It ensures that the organization's data and information assets are used throughout the organization in accordance with agreed-upon policies and procedures, are appropriately controlled and maintained, and add value to the organization's strategies and goals.

The primary goal of governance is to divide data and information assets into manageable silos and ensure that these assets are managed in a harmonized manner in collaboration with key stakeholders across all systems where these assets are produced and used. We provide the following governance services:

— Data Management
— Reporting Governance
— Advanced Analytics Governance


Analytics refers to quantitative techniques and processes used to improve efficiency and increase business performance. Analytics is applied to a variety of data sources to identify, extract, interpret, and visualize meaningful patterns to gain greater insight. It ranges from simple descriptive reports to anticipating and predictive algorithms that leverage the full potential of artificial intelligence.

Our service portfolio focuses on data science and computing techniques to solve our clients' specific business needs. At KPMG Turkey, we provide services in the following areas:

— Business Intelligence
— Optimization, Simulation and Forecasting
— Advanced Analytics
— Corporate Performance Management
— Customer Analytics and Experience


Data, in the context of computers, refers to a variety of digital information. Data exists in structured (e.g. formatted databases), semi-structured and unstructured (e.g. social media data) formats and is consumed in various forms such as numbers, text, images, audio, etc. Today's data management challenges of identifying the right data, capturing it, and managing its quality are driven by the volume, variety, and velocity of data.

Data-driven technologies can only be as good as the data supporting them. At a time when artificial intelligence (AI) has entered our lives, our clients' ability to become "AI-ready" depends on leveraging their data as an asset. At KPMG, we strive to provide our clients with competitive advantages by uncovering the value of their data.

At KPMG Turkey, we have data management expertise in big data, complex data sources and data models. The main topics we provide services on are:

— Data Architecture
— Data Management, Data Warehouses and Data Marketplaces
— Master Data Management
— Data Quality
— Data Engineering

Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is more than simple automation and robotic processes powered by data. It encompasses the support of professionals' business decisions, the empowerment of perspective and the digitalization of business operations. In their most advanced forms, these technologies will interpret vast amounts of data from all kinds of sources, evaluate results and use specific algorithms and ontologies to simulate human reasoning, automating decisions based on evidence and probabilities in the coming years.

With KPMG's intelligent automation capabilities, we aim to provide value for our clients in demonstrating the value of AI to accelerate automation strategies that can bring knowledge and practical experience to unprecedented levels. The main topics we provide services on are:

— Decision Modeling
— Logic Execution
— Cognitive Automation
— Virtual Agents

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a collection of advanced algorithms and technologies that enable machines to perceive, discover, understand, reason, act and learn. It uses a wide range of algorithms and tools such as machine learning and natural language processing. AI ecosystems improve, accelerate and automate decisions that drive growth and profitability. The main services we provide at KPMG:

— Pattern Recognition
— Deep Learning
— Machine Learning
— Audio/Video Recognition
— Natural Language Processing


In today's world where big data, artificial intelligence and cloud solutions have entered our lives, the consumption process of information technologies and data raises ethical questions. To prevent and mitigate these problems, organizations should adopt ethical procedures and implement practices to monitor compliance. The main services we provide at KPMG:

— Data Ethics
— Digital Ethics
— Data Classification

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