Our well-being shapes our development as individuals, our relationships with others, as well as our performance at work. That is why Harmony@KPMG focuses on the holistic well-being of our employees. Through our well-being in the workplace initiatives, we strive to bring balance to their mental, social, physical and financial health — to build resilience and positivity at work and in life.

mental well-being

Mental and emotional well-being

Our wellness fund actively supports employees with taking charge of their overall health and wellness. Whether it’s gym memberships or dental checkups, employees are empowered with the flexibility to decide how they would like to take care of their well-being. 

Support is just a click away through our Mental Wellness App. Employees can expect exclusive access to self-care resources such as our employee assistance programme, which offers virtual counselling and other forms of emotional support.

We also organise monthly masterclasses on important topics like physical and mental health and personal development. We believe that rest is important for productivity and thus have toolkits in place to offer tips and guidance on improving sleep quality and time away from work.

On the last Friday of every month, employees are given 3 hours off to to do anything that encourages self-improvement, or better wellbeing. Staff are empowered to decide how best to use this time for personal enrichment. This might mean spending quiet time to read, learn or spending quality time with colleagues to form closer connections.

social well-being

Social well-being

Building a healthy and supportive culture requires continuous care and effort. You will be able to find like-minded individuals through office networks and employee resources group, and find the support you navigate the challenges and successes of work together, for better.

Give Time is one of our community investment activities which encourages our employees to play a more active role in community service by contributing their skills, time and effort. KPMG employees are empowered with up to 40 hours of paid leave per annum to drive and participate in community projects.

Employee resource groups such as KPMG Network of Women (gender equality), Rec Club (social development and sports) and GreenDot (sustainability) are ground-up initiatives that champion different causes.

financial well-being

Financial well-being

We raise awareness about financial management through knowledge resources and webinars so that our employees are equipped with useful tools and information to manage their finances responsibly. All KPMG employees ​also get access to a wide variety of exclusive promotions and discounts. 

physical well-being

Physical well-being

KPMG cares for our people holistically, and that includes their physical health as well. With a healthy body and a healthy mind, one is equipped to excel in their work and personal life. 

Our employee resource group, Rec Club, regularly organises Fun@Work activities aimed at promoting physical activity and new sports among employees. Past events include spin classes and K-pop fitness classes.

KPMG also offers comprehensive health benefits such as private medical care access and assistance with healthcare costs. We cover annual flu vaccination exercises and provide health screening packages at special corporate rates.

Engagement Events

Harmony Month

​In conjunction with World Mental Health Day in October, KPMG organises a series of sessions to support our employees’ holistic well-being across four pillars: financial, mental, physical and social health. 


Stretching Session

In this session, simple exercises that can be done at work or at home were taught to maintain a better posture and prevent work-related aches.


Kidney Awareness Talk

Staff and their families were invited to join a talk as part of our health series on the leading causes of kidney failure and improving their lifestyles.


Personal Financial Talk

We invited a local personal finance team to share with our staff on having the right mindset towards money and explored how we can avoid stressing out about money.


Resilience Masterclass

KPMG staff tuned in on our masterclass on the art of resilience, imparting valuable skills on overcoming challenges and facing adversity.

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