Supporting people with disabilities

Disadvantaged and marginalised populations are still present in Singapore, despite governmental and societal efforts to provide aid. Through Together@KPMG, our firm actively hosts and participates in meaningful initiatives to help ensure nobody gets left behind. We hope that through our efforts, the voices of people across different abilities can be heard as we strive to build a resilient, inclusive and integrated society for all.


Enabling Mark Award (Silver)

KPMG in Singapore was conferred the Enabling Mark (Silver) award by SG Enable at the Enabling Mark Awards Ceremony 2023. This is our second time receiving the national-level accreditation, which recognises our workplace inclusivity strategies. With continued commitment to our various efforts — from inclusive hiring and job redesign processes to mentorships and employment initiatives — we aim to promote diversity, equity and inclusion both in our firm and the wider community.

KPMG Inclusive Employment Initiative

People with special needs often face challenges in employment and entrepreneurship due to factors such as social stigma and lack of confidence. KPMG seeks to empower these individuals and develop their talents through job skills training and new learning opportunities.

Supporting social enterprises and social service organisations through business procurement

Wherever possible, we opt to procure goods and services from socially responsible and eco-conscious organisations. We believe that by partnering with other like-minded organisations, we will be able to meet our procurement needs while also doing good.


Singapore Business Network on Disability (SBNoD)

KPMG is a founding member of the SBNoD, a community of businesses in Singapore which collaborate to help advance the equitable inclusion of persons with disabilities. KPMG helps drive conversations on the importance of supporting charities and social enterprises and shares our experience with the Inclusive Employment Initiative so that other companies can join us on this journey to provide opportunities for people with disabilities.

RISE Mentorship Programme by SG Enable

RISE Mentorship is a 12-week programme where youths with disabilities are matched with business leaders from corporates and other inclusive employers. KPMG in Singapore supports this programme by encouraging upcoming KPMG leaders to participate as mentors, and in doing so, help deliver lifelong learning capabilities while building public trust. Through this programme, students gain a better understanding of their skills and abilities, build professional networks, and tap into their mentors' wealth of knowledge and work experience. To date, we have successfully provided internship and employment opportunities for some of the promising RISE mentees, one of them being Daniel. Check out his story here.