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COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way society works including the way it can support vulnerable and disadvantaged groups. Human and Social Services organizations have been forced to transform and cope in new operating environments.

Research commissioned by KPMG has found that the global pandemic has caused Human and Social Services organizations to prioritize digital transformation strategies, with 71 percent of respondents accelerating elements of their existing strategies and 67 percent increasing their digital transformation budget.1 Services have moved online, barriers between organizations have been broken and governments have pushed services into re-designs based on what customers need.

While Saudi Arabia was not insulated from the impact of the pandemic, it fostered its pre-pandemic transformational efforts focusing on digitization, partnerships, and beneficiaries' experience.

As the main driver and service provider in the sector in Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Human Services and Social Development has made significant strides in automating its services to facilitate access and increase service efficiency and speed in addition to partnering with the private sector to support the NGOs to overcome technology challenges, and increase the efficiency of their digital transformation.2 Not losing sight on being more responsive and customer-centric, the ministry is devising new strategies to adopt a customer-centric approach while developing and engaging the NGOs who have greater ability to reach to beneficiaries and understand their needs.

Transforming any organization is difficult but particularly when it serves some of the most vulnerable members of society. The KPMG Connected Enterprise for Human and Social Services framework has been tailored to the needs of the sector and focuses on service delivery and the fundamental processes required in delivering services to customers.

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[1] A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of KPMG, May-July 2020.

[2] MHRSD News Web page, 2020

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