The KPMG Board Leadership Centre (BLC) offers support and guidance to non-executive directors, whether managing a portfolio non-executive career or embarking on a first appointment. The BLC offers you a place within a community of board-level peers with access to topical and relevant seminars, resources and thought leadership, as well as engaging networking opportunities. We aim to equip you with the tools you need to be highly effective in your role, enabling you to focus on the issues that really matter to you and your business.  

Our publications are meant for boards, audit committees and other bodies beyond the executive room, and they present key issues that boardrooms are facing and explores the conversations that board members should be having. Our subject matter experts provide concise, practical, and timely insights and analysis of the key emerging issues reshaping and redefining the boardroom agenda. We provide guidance and tools to improve board effectiveness and unleash the value-creation potential from good corporate governance.

Insights from audit committee survey 2023

The perspective of the audit committee continues to be a bellwether for both the executive committee and the board of an organization. As highlighted by our global audit committee survey, the expanding scope and complexity of the committee’s workload and oversight responsibilities are an important indicator of the challenges facing the corporate world. Uncertainty and disruption across the global business landscape are intensifying pressures on the risk and control environment in new and unexpected ways. In this paper, we highlight the key findings of the survey, with our interpretation of the way forward.

Future workforce: considerations for the board

In today’s rapidly changing business landscape, organizations are put under vast pressure in order to adapt. This paper provides actionable insights for navigating the future of work, addressing some of the most significant questions that boards should be asking and actions that they must consider for aligning future workforce with strategy. By focusing on reskilling, upskilling, and aligning purpose and culture, boards can position their organizations for success in this era of automation and digital transformation.

Hiring principles for independent board members

Independent directors are like lighthouses; they may not be at the helm of a vessel, but they do act as a guiding light and help find safe passage in and out of harbors. Independent directors are an incredible asset as they bring deep and diverse experience and can help enable major operational transformations. In this publication, we provide considerations for nomination committees and boards to support their hiring agendas.

New director onboarding

The board of directors is responsible for the long-term success of an entity and its first responsibility is to provide direction and leadership within a framework of prudent and effective controls. For any new director, a learning curve comes with the territory. Just how steep that learning curve is – and how quickly a new director is able to contribute meaningfully to the work of the board and its committees – can hinge directly on the quality of the onboarding process.

On the 2023 audit committee agenda

In this volatile environment, demands by regulators, investors, and other stakeholders for more action and greater disclosure and transparency with the increased awareness around the company’s climate and other environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risks will continue to intensify. Drawing on insights from our interactions with boards and audit committees, we have highlighted eight issues to keep in mind for audit committees consider and carry out their 2023 agendas.

On the 2023 board agenda

The business environment has changed dramatically over the few years, emerging from two years of pandemic-driven challenges, greater global geopolitical instability, surging inflation, cybersecurity risk, regulatory and enforcement risk, a continuous war for talent, and the prospect of a global recession now added to the mix of macroeconomic risks – amidst of which Saudi Arabia‘s domestic economy showed resilience. Drawing on insights from our interactions with board members, risk profesionals and business leaders, we’ve highlighted a list of issues for boards to consider and carry out their 2023 agendas.

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