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In a world still recovering from the dire effects of a global pandemic, companies that continue to care for their employees and invest in their success have never been more important. Then and now, creating an inclusive workplace atmosphere where individuals are respected, valued, and empowered makes all the difference between a good company and a great one.

For KPMG in the Philippines, its promise of being a people-oriented company is something they practice on a daily basis. They know that focusing on people makes for more engaged employees, with a culture that thrives on new ideas and fresh thinking.

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As KPMG in the Philippines (R.G. Manabat & Co.) celebrates its 15th anniversary, the company is proud to be named as one of the Philippines’ Best Employers. KPMG in the Philippines ranks among the Top 5 companies in the “Professional Services” category, with a total of 23 winners. Overall, KPMG in the Philippines is within the range of the Top 60 rank amongst a list of Top 300 companies.

A firm that provides expert advice and solutions in audit and assurance, tax, advisory, and technology consulting, KPMG in the Philippines has always espoused a workplace that supports the overall training and development of people, providing an atmosphere that is equal parts fun and professional when it comes to fulfilling clients’ needs.

For the company, mental health matters just as much as physical health. In 2019, it started its Employee Assistance or #KPMGishereforyou Program to build a positive culture of support in the firm where anyone can talk about their mental health struggles without fear of judgment and discrimination. This greatly helped its people cope with the anxiety and isolation that most felt during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic—boosting their mental health and well-being by providing the best possible support.

KPMG in the Philippines has adopted a Work for Excellence set-up wherein people can work from home, the office, or a client’s office, whichever is most conducive to creating excellent work. This work structure has enabled the organization to encourage flexibility and collaboration, allowing people to work from wherever they will produce the best results in terms of quality, efficiency and productivity.


“In today’s new reality, people want a better balance between their personal and professional lives,” said Chairman and CEO Sharon Dayoan. “We understand this and KPMG in the Philippines is committed to further investing in people through our milestone programs and initiatives aimed at supporting our people as they transition roles and responsibilities, enabling and empowering them to be the next generation of leaders, which will ultimately benefit our clients and the country as a whole.” At KPMG, it is essential for their people to become future-ready and have the relevant skill sets fit for the times.

Over the years, KPMG in the Philippines has also launched various programs that benefit society, the economy, the community, and the environment. Their Make-A-Difference (MAD) Project this year is a volunteerism campaign that commits 15,000 volunteer hours to different initiatives such as empowering the Filipino LGBTQIA+ community, encoding ballot receipts during the national elections, engaging in EcoBrick Making competitions, helping make solar lamps as well as cleaning up our coastal areas. In 2022 alone, KPMG in the Philippines’ 1,500 personnel and partners participated in the MAD Project, alongside out-of-school youth education and many other programs.

Dayoan said: “All these initiatives demonstrate the company’s commitment to engaging and upskilling its employees in a variety of activities both inside and outside the workplace.”

KPMG is among Philippines’ Best Employers!

As featured on Philippine Daily Inquirer:

KPMG in the Philippines’ focus on employee engagement and growth earns the company its Philippines’ Best Employers recognition as it celebrates its 15th anniversary

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