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Finding opportunity in uncertainty

The 8th edition of the KPMG CEO Outlook, conducted with 1,325 CEOs between 12 July and 24 August 2022, provides unique insight into the mindset, strategies and planning tactics of CEOs amid the impacts of the global pandemic and the social realities of today.

Sharon G. Dayoan

For us at KPMG in the Philippines, our purpose is to inspire confidence and empower change in our professionals. We nurture a high-performing culture driven by extraordinary people. Having extraordinary people means people development is a core focus in the firm.

Sharon G. Dayoan
Chairman and CEO
KPMG in the Philippines

Companies are also growing and learning to deal with these challenges head-on. They know the work that must be done and the need for speed and agility in these uncertain times.

Emmanuel P. Bonoan
Vice Chairman and COO, Head of Advisory
KPMG in the Philippines

If a company does not get their transformation roadmap right at the start, then it may cost them more in the long run. That is why involving third parties such as consultants and vendors at the start of their AI adoption is critical.

Jallain Marcel S. Manrique
Technology Consulting Head
KPMG in the Philippines

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The challenges brought about by the pandemic provided industry leaders an opportunity to reevaluate and introduce new strategies to navigate the changing business landscape. What steps are CEOs taking to address the impacts of the looming recession, the challenges in maintaining talents, and the need to push forward a compelling ESG story amid various technological advancements? Learn more from our leaders below.