Digital First, Digital Now: Digitizing the organization

Digital First, Digital Now: Digitizing the organization


What it means

Customer-led digitization

  • COVID-19 is accelerating the digitization of business and operating models across the front, middle and back office.
digital first, digital now: digitizing the organization

Modern technology infrastructure

  • Is critical in order to serve customers and enable employee productivity.
  • Robust cyber security and fraud protection is required as risks rise.


Impact on insurance

Digital transformation is accelerating

  • The significant gap between customer expectations and insurer’s abilities is driving insurers to connect their front, middle and back offices. Those who move the fastest will reap the competitive advantage.


Customer-first thinking

  • Direct-to-consumer sales will require significant and rapid upgrades particularly in many parts of personal insurance.
  • Brokers/agents need to be integrated at each step through digital interactions and interfaces.



  • Movement must be seamless and protected through the different gates.
  • Use of internal and external data becomes commonplace (e.g. underwriting).


Technology and infrastructure

  • Mass movement to modernizing technologies, cloud services and decommissioning legacy systems.



  • Early focus for digitization — anything that can be digitized will be; from first notice of loss/claims submission through to ultimate payment of claims including all interim steps.



  • Will be a strong business partner and play a key role, enabling operations through deep analytics and predictive capabilities.

The excerpt was taken from KPMG Thought Leadership, Consumers and the new reality.

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