Innovation Summit 2022

Learn about the latest technologies and gain insights to help your organization thrive in this digital landscape.

Learn about the latest technologies and gain insights to help your organization thrive in

In this year's Innovation Summit 2022, Tech Talks: Stories of Innovation, real-world business transformation stories will be highlighted and discussed. A dynamic business environment necessitates generating and operationalizing new and bold ideas to help companies adapt and thrive.

Day 1 – RPA Hypergrowth and the Impact of Emerging Tech 20 July 2022, Wednesday 9:00-12:00nn


 Innovation Story

Intelligent automation enabling hypergrowth

Learn how to future-proof your business by knowing the benefits of being an "augmented consumer" and explore how you can leverage bots to process both historical and real-time datasets for on-the-fly integration, cleansing, transformation, and contextualization. 


Panel Discussion

Innovation in risk and audit

Discover how new technologies impact auditing and assurance and the future of financial reporting.

Day 2 – A New Era of Governance and Risk 21 July 2022, Thursday 9:00-12:00nn



 Innovation Story

RegTech and innovation enabling compliance

The world has advanced at a rate we could never have predicted. Many global industries have been caught off guard by compliance requirements and regulatory reforms. In recent years, RegTech has emerged, utilizing advanced technology to assist organizations in dealing with the dramatic change in compliance requirements. 



Panel Discussion

Rethinking third-party risk

Third-party providers have increasingly become a key component in the digital business ecosystem. Organizations are heavily reliant on third-party suppliers to deliver business-critical products and services to their clients and customers. Failures of third-party providers to deliver can become a great risk, exposing us to data breach, supply chain attacks, reputational and financial damage. Due to these dangers, companies are more likely to experience adversity. Learn how we can prevent hazards while taking advantage of the third-party providers, products, and services.

Day 3 – E-invoicing and Digital Transformation for Finance 26 July 2022, Tuesday 9:00-12:00nn


 Innovation Story

Innovation and transformation in finance and accounting

Embrace the role of finance transformation in driving strategic business imperatives in the face of new technologies, increased data volumes, and regulatory changes. 


Panel Discussion

Journey to e-invoicing compliance

Explore how our government, private businesses, and KPMG approach e-invoicing implementation as the Philippines joins other countries in digitalization through e-invoicing.

Day 4 – The Future of Cybersecurity and Customer Experience 27 July 2022, Wednesday 9:00-12:00nn


 Innovation Story

Security by design in innovation

Cybersecurity will continue to be a major safeguard for organizations, fueled by society's increasing digitalization. We talk about how businesses approach cybersecurity and how they add value to their operations rather than just seeing it as a threat.


Panel Discussion

The future of Customer Experience (CX)

Discover how Customer Experience (CX) impacts businesses today and beyond the pandemic, and engage with our experts to develop winning customer experience strategies.

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