Innovation Summit

Learn about the latest technologies and gain insights to help your organization thrive in this digital landscape.

Learn about the latest technologies and gain insights to help your organization

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Embracing new technologies is no longer just about doing business more efficiently. As organizations accelerate their digital transformation journeys, leaders and their teams need to be agile in order to spark innovation and drive change to survive and remain competitive. To help you with your digital journey, we are hosting an Innovation Summit where industry leaders will share with you the latest technologies and insights to help your organization thrive in this digital landscape.

day 1

With an enterprise-grade digital workforce powered by new technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and natural language processing, employees can focus on more complex tasks instead of carrying out mundane and repetitive tasks.

Learn how to leverage RPA and technology in unprecedented times and catch the demo of our Crisis Response Tracker app, a solution created to help organizations enable business resilience in unprecedented times. 

day 2

Due to rapid changes in the risk landscape with the advent of emerging technologies, Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and Assurance have become critical enablers of the business strategy of organizations. In this session, we will demonstrate how an organization can have a holistic and integrated enterprise risk management in one single platform. There will also be a live demo of KPMG Clara, an advanced cloud-based proprietary solution that will enhance audit quality and bring you deeper actionable insights in real time.

day 3

With the shift to digital comes increasing cyber threats.

Learn how to detect and prevent fraud and effectively guide your organization to pursue a more advanced organizational design and utilize leading technologies and operating models through a redesigned business function.

day 4

In today's digital age, organizations need to remain cyber secure, be more data-driven and keep pace with changing customer expectations. Here, we will share with you how Cloud Security can help you manage cyber risk and how customer intelligence analytics can help you better understand customers and drive sales and profitability. We will talk about KPMG Digital Gateway as well, a single platform solution that gives you access to the full suite of KPMG Tax & Legal technologies to help you tackle regulatory change, turn data into value, streamline compliance and planning, while enabling effective collaboration across tax, legal and finance departments and beyond.

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