Organisations face growing demands for clear and transparent disclosure on their long-term ESG commitments from government and stakeholders. Investors, suppliers, customers, and employees all want to understand the purpose and values of the businesses they work with or for. This has seen a rapid increase in the focus on and reporting of non-financial metrics. It has also resulted in the use of a vast range of ESG targets and frameworks, which can vary by sector, size and complexity of a business. 

Our ESG assurance experts offer the following services:
  • KPMG led workshops. These provide an overview of ESG assurance and the current reporting landscape, including common reporting frameworks. Vitally, they highlight what you need to do to get ready for assurance.
  • Agreed Upon Procedure (AUP) private reports. A detailed report of factual findings presenting results of specific testing procedures we have undertaken.
  • External assurance opinions: we provide formal opinions over reported ESG metrics and disclosures, which can either be private or made public. The opinions are delivered in accordance with ISAE (UK) 3000 to either a limited or reasonable level of assurance (depending on stakeholder needs).  This is a service we can provide to audited entities and non-audit clients. 

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