An initial public offering (IPO) is a complicated and time-consuming process. Our research shows that many companies can underestimate the demands that the IPO process places on their existing resources and fail to anticipate the longer-term behavioral and structural changes required as the company transitions to public company.
Whether your objective is a higher market profile or providing a market for your company's shares, extensive research and meticulous planning are vital in order to undertake a successful IPO.

The potential advantages of an IPO include:

  • An increased public profile
  • A cash injection with no obligatory finance cost
  • An exit route for founder shareholders and current investors
  • The use of shares to finance future acquisitions
  • Finance based on earnings, not just on asset backing
  • Stock options as an alternative employee incentive scheme

KPMG’s Capital Markets Advisory Team in the UAE will assist you in the preparation of your IPO to help ensure you and your business are ready, and will work with you throughout the process to help ensure the best possible outcome.

Stock exchange

A number of factors will affect your IPO journey, including distribution, geography, the choice of dual list, the underwriting process, the type and size of the deal – and the rules of the stock exchange you choose.
KPMG’s Capital Markets Advisory Team in the UAE can assist you with local, regional and international markets, including:

  • The Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange (ADX) 
  • The Dubai Financial Market (DFM) 
  • The Muscat Security Market (MSM) 
  • Nasdaq Dubai
  • The London Stock Exchange – Main Market
  • The London Stock Exchange – Alternative Investment Market (AIM)

KPMG in the UAE can work with you on a light touch or in-depth analysis of your IPO preparedness, depending on the complexity of your business and the proposed IPO timetable. Our work can range from a basic readiness assessment (with a short traffic light report) to a wide ranging pre-IPO review with recommendations in light of established leading practice.

As a global network of individual firms we can work with a range of different sized companies across geographies and industry sectors, using the skills and contacts of our colleagues across the network.

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