KPMG Centralized Accounting and Business Intelligence (CABI) focuses on improving quality of decision making for both franchisers and their retailers. We do this by providing you the right and accurate management information and by relieving the administrative burden for retailers, so they can focus on their customers and grow their business.

With our local capabilities and our global expertise we can work with you to develop a flexible solution that fits your requirements.

Our CABI solution includes three key components that can be delivered standalone as separate services or combined for a fully integrated outsourcing service. The three components of service are:

  • Centralized Accounting (CA) – Provides end-to-end bookkeeping services, tax compliance, statutory accounting and payroll services that takes the administrative burden from retailers
  • Benchmarking (B) – Drives improved business performance through reliable management information that includes benchmarking capabilities 
  • Business Intelligence (I) – Utilizes underlying data from centralized accounting, benchmark and management information to develop custom analytics services giving the retailer better insights and predictive analytics to drive their business forward.

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For more information, please contact Erik Hexspoor or Nancy Ramdjanamsingh.

Erik Hexspoor

KPMG in the Netherlands
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Nancy Ramdjanamsingh

Senior manager
KPMG in the Netherlands
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