Dealing with Dutch reporting and other statutory compliance requirements, such as compiling your financial statements, can be time-consuming when you are new to them. We guide you through the rules, or take the burden completely off your shoulders.

We have a dedicated team that works with companies to compile their financial statements. They ensure that deadlines are met, exemptions are used, new rules are complied with and, where relevant, that audits take place when they are supposed to. Our team is always able to answer your compliance questions, while making sure you do not fall foul of Dutch regulations.

How can we help

  • Compilation of your company’s financial statements in accordance with the Companies Act.
  • Reminding you about the deadlines you need to meet, and keeping you up to date with accounting and legislative changes that impact the company’s financial reporting.
  • Letting you know when audits are due, and helping to prepare the necessary financial statements.
  • Handling your registration with and filings to the Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch Central Bank.
  • Producing a compilation report to comply with the NOW ruling.

Engage with us

For more information, please contact Rachida Lakhal or Angelique Brandt.

Rachida Lakhal

KPMG in the Netherlands
+31 (0) 6 21393018

Angelique Brandt

Senior manager
KPMG in the Netherlands
+31 (0)20 656 4044