Investors are looking at the best destinations for their investments to obtain maximum yields, access new markets, manage the supply chain, diversify risks, obtain knowledge or save costs. As an active player in this increasingly dynamic environment, The Netherlands remains a top destination for many businesses, that are looking for a stable and predictable environment from which to run their European regional operations.

Organizations seeking success in global competition need a partner with global reach: as the International Business experts at KPMG we will help you to achieve your goals, whether you are a Dutch organization looking abroad for success or an international organization seeking to gain a footing in the Dutch market. The Netherlands based companies investing in China, Brazil, Russia, Japan, Germany and other regions of the world can draw on our in-depth knowledge of these markets and their unique complexities.

Our international team offers solid subject matter expertise, years of experience and proven solutions for every phase of international business activity. Our on-the-ground presence in markets all over the world stand for our global network. Our services are:

  • Audit of international Companies and/or its Dutch subsidiaries 
    Audit of individual and consolidated financial statements and additional external reports.
  • International Business Support
    KPMG International Business Support provides cross border guidance and serves international companies conducting business in the Netherlands. Dedicated professionals, working together within the worldwide KPMG network, using advanced and reliable technology to deliver customer value and enable compliance with Dutch rules and regulations to its business partners. Through a ‘one-stop-shop’-concept, we offer a wealth of knowledge and experience.
  • Bookkeeping and Accounting Services 
    If you are looking for services regarding complex accounting questions, such as IFRS conversions and complex accounting topics (Lease, revenue recognition etc.), our specialists from our AAS Group will be your first point of contact.
  • Tax Services
    Deep understanding of local requirements regarding tax compliance and proven solutions e.g., for transfer pricing, tax set up appropriate legal compliance management systems, optimized use of tax loss carryforwards, etc. To read more about international tax and legal services please visit the page of KPMG Meijburg.
  • Advisory
    Works with the world’s leading organizations to create and protect the sustainable value of their business. Such as Deal Advisory. To find out more about our advisory services, visit the page of KPMG Advisory.

Our clients are located all over the world and we structured our way of work through the geographical area desks.

Our geographical area specialists work day-to-day on engagements in certain region, are closely linked to the KPMG firm in your country, visit your country regularly, know the differing legal environments and developments in your country, are in a position to provide first-hand insights of country-specific topics, know and respect the cultural specifics, and in many cases, also speak your language to have effective communication.

Our International Business consists of almost 100 people from around 20 countries. This diversity of professionals has given us the chance to specialize per geographical area, which provides added value to our clients. Also both sides of the corridors are closely connected and we have perfect contact points for you in The Netherlands and in the other countries of the world.

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