Letting you focus

Whether you are starting a new business or setting up a European base for an existing one, the Netherlands is among the most popular places to do it. But getting the best from your investment means navigating a wide range of commercial, regulatory and compliance issues.

This is where KPMG International Business Support comes in. Our multi-disciplinary specialists have helped numerous companies start and grow their businesses in the Netherlands. We take the legal, accounting, tax and other day-to-day aspects of doing business off management’s hands, letting them focus on making their ventures a success.

Operating across borders as an integral part of our global network, KPMG International Business Support is an Amsterdam-based, 50-strong team of professionals from over 15 countries. We have an in-depth knowledge of Dutch corporate compliance and reporting requirements, especially for foreign companies investing in the Netherlands. At the same time, we are experts not only in the local market, but also in supporting businesses that want to use the Netherlands as a springboard for pan-European expansion.

KPMG International Business Support has more than 30 years of practical experience. We therefore know how to structure our services in a way that actively supports, and anticipates, your commercial ambitions. We take pride in the trusted relationships we have developed with clients of all kinds, and in our long track record of helping them grow by reducing the burdens of doing business.

What we can do for you

Getting started

What is the best legal entity for setting up your business in the Netherlands? How do you make it happen, and what are the regulations your company needs to abide by? KPMG International Business Support sorts it all out for you.

Accounting and reporting

Your business needs a smooth accounting and bookkeeping operation. We can either help you set it up, or you can appoint KPMG to handle the entire function on your behalf. You can also engage us for management reporting, providing insight into your business’s financial performance.


Dealing with Dutch reporting and other statutory compliance requirements, such as compiling your financial statements, can be time-consuming when you are new to them. We guide you through the rules, or take the burden completely off your shoulders.


There is no need to get bogged down in complex tax legislation. Our specialists will make sure your business meets its tax reporting obligations and filing deadlines, as well as keeping you up to date with new tax requirements and planning opportunities.

Audit Support

Your company may not need an audit but, if it does, you can rely on us to help make the annual auditing process as smooth as possible. This includes assisting you in preparing and presenting the financial information requested by your auditor.

Payroll and expats

We assist companies in every aspect of their payroll process, from handling the initial set-up and annual reporting requirements, to supporting the payment of salaries and social security contributions. We also have professionals who advise on expatriate tax issues.

KPMG Centralized Accounting and Business Intelligence

Are you looking for a fully integrated outsourcing service? KPMG Centralized Accounting and Business Intelligence (CABI) provides companies with daily support on everything from accounting and management information to benchmarking and business intelligence. We relieve you of the administrative burden by integrating systems and suppliers to transfer the necessary data in real time.


Getting in touch

Contact any of the professionals below if you want to know more about how KPMG International Business Support can help realize your company’s goals in the Netherlands. We will be happy to answer your questions, or simply to have an informal discussion about your plans.

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KPMG in the Netherlands
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KPMG in the Netherlands
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KPMG in the Netherlands
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