What is the best legal entity for setting up your business in the Netherlands? How do you make it happen, and what are the regulations your company needs to abide by? KPMG International Business Support sorts it all out for you.

There are a number of obligations you have to fulfill when starting up and doing business in or from the Netherlands. Our experts have an in-depth knowledge of the relevant requirements under Dutch law, and they can work with you throughout your company’s lifecycle to ensure you stay compliant. If you start trading in other parts of Europe, we can marshal KPMG’s international network to help make your cross-border business as smooth and efficient as possible.

How can we help

  • Advising on the right legal entity for setting up your business.
  • Helping you decide on the location for your company and its registered office, as well as identifying qualified directors and managers.
  • Practical assistance with the incorporation and registration of the company.
  • Registration with the relevant Dutch authorities, including the Tax Office, Chamber of Commerce, Central Statistical Office and, for example, the Dutch Central Bank and AFM (Financial Markets Authority).

Engage with us

For more information, please contact Erno Tonkes or Rachida Lakhal.

Erno Tonkes

KPMG in the Netherlands
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Rachida Lakhal

KPMG in the Netherlands
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