An organisation with effective security has the potential to be self-confident and innovative. The smartest businesses do not just manage the cyber risk, they also use it as a source of growth and competitive advantage. The use of technology offers many possibilities and is essential for complying with the needs of your customers, employees, suppliers and society. However, that does not always mean it is secure. With the volume of cyber threats increasing, it is important that your cyber security exudes resilience and trust.

KPMG can help you create a robust and reliable digital world – even in the face of increasing threats. That is because we offer a combination of technological expertise, in-depth business knowledge and creative professionals with a passion for protecting and building your organisation. Let us create a trusted digital world together, so that you can explore the limits of the possible.

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Cybersecurity considerations 2023

What actions can CISOs and the broader business lines take in 2023
to ensure security is the organization’s golden thread?

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Cyber Security services

KPMG has expertise across the entire spectrum – from the boardroom to the data centre. Besides evaluating your cyber security and aligning it with your business priorities, we will help you develop advanced solutions, implement them, monitor current risks and effectively respond to cyber incidents. In short, wherever you are on the cyber security pathway, KPMG can help you achieve your goal.

Creating a trusted digital world together

Whether you are entering a new market, launching products and services or communicating with customers in a new way, KPMG can help you anticipate tomorrow's needs, act faster and take the lead with technology that is secure and trusted. That is because we are able to offer a unique combination of technological expertise, in-depth business knowledge and creative professionals with a passion for protecting and building your organisation.


KPMG firms all over the world employ more than 219,000 professionals in 147 countries and territories. Cyber Security professionals have in-depth expertise and offer a worldwide multidisciplinary perspective on cyber risks, which means they can improve the security throughout your organisation.


KPMG firms are constantly working to build a workforce that is ready for the future, with creative and innovative professionals who can take on hackers and complex threats. Cyber Security professionals offer in-depth business and technological expertise in the areas of information technology and operational technology, in order to help you create a more reliable and secure digital world.

Shaping the cyber agenda

Via I-4 (International Information Integrity Institute), KPMG firms help the world's leading companies work together to resolve the biggest security challenges of today and tomorrow.

Dedicated to you

Credibility at board level. KPMG's client relationships are based on mutual trust and a commitment to the long term in order to offer effective and efficient strategies.

Industry expertise

KPMG professionals offer robust industry expertise for your challenges in the field of cyber security. We understand the issues in your sector at local and international level – now and in the future.

Network of alliances

Our ecosystem approach enables us to look beyond the expertise of KPMG professionals by drawing on knowledge and insights from an extensive network of alliances, including more than 70 technology providers. In this way, we can help you explore issues from all angles and tackle them appropriately.

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