Business health check for early identification of potential threats

Questions to be considered

Business Stability

  • Are you experiencing a rapid decline in revenues?
  • Have you assessed the impact of change in the macro-economic situation on your P&L?
  • Have you revisited your essential and avoidable costs mix to minimize the impact of slowdown on profitability?
  • Has your traditional business and operating model been challenged by the market disruption? 


  • Have you re-forecast cash flows given the impending slowdown?
  • Do you have adequate liquidity over the next 3-6 months for working capital and debt servicing?
  • Do you have visibility of your immediate and medium-term funding requirements?
  • Have you identified sources (debt/equity) to bridge any funding gap?

Operational Health

  • How can you optimize your operational processes to avoid value leakage?
  • How far have you modelled the impact of any potential disruption across your supply chain?
  • Have you evaluated leveraging technology to improve operational efficiencies?  

Sustainability and Future growth

  • What opportunities have you identified to stabilize sales and growth?
  • Does your medium-term strategy need to be revisited in light of the change in market conditions?


Actions points you can consider to address the situation

action plans for businesses during covid-19