Telecommunications, Media and Technology

Telecommunications, Media and Technology

Senior decision makers in the telecommunications, media and technology sector face a relentless series of issues.

Senior decision makers in telecommunications face a relentless series of issues.

Kuwait is in middle of a telecom and technological revolution. The internet penetration is high and there is a continuing investment in high-speed networks. Technology sector is expected to grow with government’s push to diversify from the oil economy and invest in other sectors. The sector is also witnessing investment in the technology infrastructure in form of smart cities and smart mining solutions, which are few of the projects to modernize the technology sector.

How KPMG can help

At KPMG we know that consumer demand and technological change will continue to drive the industry, and the winners will be those who can embrace new and emerging technologies whilst managing the demands of regulation, cost and network investment.

We work closely with both indigenous and multinational telecoms companies and have extensive capabilities in the telecommunications arena, with specific emphasis on fixed, mobile and satellite companies. We can work with you to address your operational, regulatory and growth agendas.

Our deep industry knowledge and experience means we can help you manage the challenges you face.
We work as an integral part of KPMG’s global technology group, helping clients take advantage of opportunities, manage risk and create value. We’d be delighted to work with you to help achieve a more profitable, efficient and focused telecoms business.

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