Changfeng Wang

Senior Manager - Tax and Corporate Services

KPMG in Kuwait

Changfeng is working as a senior manager at KPMG Chinese Desk in Kuwait. He is helping and advising Chinese companies in Kuwait and the middle east region for their tax and other matters. He has gained great experience with Big Four professionals and companies. He started his career with a Chinese construction company and laid a solid foundation in accounting, tax, financing, and auditing.


12 years of working experience in Kuwait for accounting and tax compliance, including 7 years in the industry and 5 years in consulting.

Changfeng has maintained very good relations with top management of Chinese companies in Kuwait and sharing his tax and related experience with them.

With his experience, Changfeng has proven results in accounting, planning, and managing client finance departments while successfully meeting deadlines of submitting tax returns and maintaining effective relationships with Senior Management and Kuwait Tax Authority.

He has a track record of identifying accounting, tax compliance, and daily operation-related weaknesses and formulating recommendations to improve the clients’ accounting system.



Changfeng has helped most of the Chinese companies in Kuwait with their tax filing, planning, and daily operations in order to meet Kuwait's local tax requirements.

Changfeng is closely communicating with Chinese companies and Chinese Counselors in Kuwait and the Region to understand the main issues Chinese companies are facing. Changfeng also presented several webinars to the companies to keep them up to date on tax new regulations and requirements.

Prior to joining KPMG, Changfeng has worked as a project finance for one of the Chinese construction companies in Kuwait and as a tax manager for one of the Big Four in Kuwait. Thus, he has a clear understanding of company internal accounting and finance requirements, and external audit and tax requirements

Sector Experience:

Extensive experience in oil & gas, construction, communication, and banking sectors.