Various issues are endlessly emerging in the recent industrial markets due to continuous M&As and fierce competition.


Samjong KPMG employs experts with specialized work experience from various sectors including automotive, aerospace and defense, chemistry, manufacturing, mining, health care, oil and gas industry, electricity and infrastructure to provide services which are tailored to the clients. Also, on the strength and foundation of its experts and global network, a consistent level of services can be found in 152 countries around the world. Samjong KPMG continuously endeavors to support client companies to ensure they are one step ahead in the center of all the changes. 


Samjong KPMG will share its experience and know-how with our clients to support them in value creation, on the basis of precise analysis and understanding of products, markets and consumers.


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With its knowledge on aerospace and defense, Samjong KPMG helps its member firms’ clients cope with and lead changes in the field.


Rather than regulation and protectionist policies, the current defense industry is undergoing systemic shifts to secure global competitiveness through the introduction of competitive features. It is important not to lose balance and set the right direction when the defense industry is facing a trend of rapid changes.


Samjong KPMG’s defense industry team:

  • contains abundant experience and knowledge on defense industry.
  • is connected with KPMG International’s Aerospace & defense industry network.
  • maintains close cooperative relations with defense industry related institutions.
  • is opening a new horizon for the defense industry with its insight.


Samjong KPMG is contributing to the enhancement of corporate value with various services on the defense industry.

  • improvement in cost accounting process
  • analyzing Business Process internal control
  • national defense cost accounting task
  • Compliance Risk management for defense export/cooperative companies
  • M&A and finance consulting service
  • Audit and related service
  • Tax consulting service
  • Preemptive restructuring service


Samjong KPMG carries out various consulting services to help interested parties make the proper decision in both the private and public sector.

Through its global network, experience and insight, Samjong KPMG helps its member firms’ clients in the auto industry overcome challenges.


The global automotive market is facing enormous changes in various sectors from the growth of domestic markets of BRICs to future growth strategies including green vehicle research. Such changes imply the growth potential of the global automotive market.


Finished vehicle manufacturers see their potential in green vehicles which meet the future consumers’ needs and the manufacturing technology and environment is being modernized at a rapid pace to reduce the time and money spent in the assembly process. Also, new forms of automobiles, such as connected cars, are new profit creating models.


Samjong KPMG accumulated abundant work experience through the global network with KPMG experts from all over the world. With this network, Samjong KPMG’s services assist clients overcome the challenges they face in the changing environment and capitalize on growth opportunities in the automotive industry. Clients’ financial performance can be improved and the risk can be reduced in various sectors including financial structure improvement, M&A, Tax, IT, and sales.


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Through its wide experience in the industry, Samjong KPMG chemicals team support its member firms’ clients create success value.


Based on chemical experts’ detailed understanding, Samjong KMPG helps member firms’ clients’ value creation through various services, such as audit service for a number of chemical companies.

Samjong KPMG guides a number of chemical companies through various professional services, including audit service. Major services provided by Samjong KPMG are as follows:


  • Portfolio restructuring through actual inspections and various activities
  • Cost reduction through tax consulting and other services
  • Trade remedies support consulting on foreign undervalued imports
  • Risk and corporate governance structure management that meets today’s needs
  • Consulting through assessing reputation and public confidence of companies for developing sustainable business


Samjong KPMG’s expertise is not limited to finance and accounting. Its expertise extends to systemic services of its professional team with experience in the chemical industry. For more information, please contact our Chemical Industry team.

Samjong KPMG helps its member firms’ clients in the mining industry by combining and handling financial, environmental, and social issues.


For mining industry companies, besides financial performance, environmental protection and managing relations with local residents are essential factors to consider in regard to mining operations. Samjong KPMG is a widely respected firm that assists the mining industry. With such a background and reputation, Samjong KPMG retains talent and knowledge to support strategy building at every step for client companies.


  • Economic feasibility analysis and financial and tax inspection support for global investment
  • Tax strategy development for groups seeking post-M&A integration
  • Support on financing through IPO
  • Support on profitability expansion through asset management efficiency for facility investment programs


For more information, please contact our Mining & Aggregate team.

Samjong KPMG supports the development of its member firms’ client companies in a rapidly changing and challenging business environment.


The oil, gas and natural resources industry is facing grave challenges of enterprise value chain due to the dynamic change in the market, mainly caused by price decline. The price instability brought both challenges and opportunities to the market. To promptlyl deal with the current situation, energy companies are planning the following changes:


  • Securing liquidity – labor force reduction in the short run, operating cost reduction, production efficiency strengthening
  • Asset rationalization – capital investment reduction, delaying the start of new projects, disposal of non-core assets, financing PF and debt management, business structure redesigning and finance structure improvement
  • Synergy between Businesses and Economy of Scale – M&A and investment in natural resources
  • Interest in Natural Resources – Iran; after the removal of economic sanctions


In addition to Audit and Tax Consulting, Samjong KPMG aids energy business companies through financial structure improvement, asset rationalization, capital utilization and risk management, global asset disposal and takeover consulting, and process improvement consulting.


For more information, please contact our Oil & Gas & Natural resource team.

Samjong KPMG systematically and professionally helps global power and public services companies achieve sustainable growth.


With its knowledge accumulated through experience and clear understanding of the market and clients, Samjong KPMG helps energy companies by proposing strategies to cope with changing business environment and challenges, and by creating value. To respond to the rapidly changing business environment, global power and public services companies are also aggressively undergoing changes. Successful companies are those that understand their core capabilities and clients’ needs, and react timely. Samjong KPMG assists such companies reach their full potential by providing professional services to meet the client’s needs.


  • Financial and product risk consulting service and inclusive business risk diagnosis
  • Effective trade strategy and management consulting to respond to issues including privatization, deregulation, merger and acquisition, corporate divestiture
  • Consulting on the management and reporting process regarding environmental and social achievements
  • Consulting on the strategies, management plan and financial options in renewable energy sector
  • Consulting on tax planning


Samjong KPMG can assist client firms handle challenges and seize opportunities. For more information, please contact our Power & Utilities team.

With its understanding on the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, Samjong KPMG helps its member firms’ clients improve their company value.


The pharmaceutical industry is directly related with life and health. Therefore, regulations on production, logistics and price are strict. Domestic pharmaceutical and biotech industries are involved in a rapidly changing environment due to stricter government regulations, contracts on export of technology, entering domestic and overseas markets, and highlights on biosimilar competitiveness.

With its deep understanding of the pharmaceutical and biotech industry, Samjong KPMG is contributing to the enhancement of company value.

  • Audit service specialized in pharmaceutical and biotech
  • Consulting service on M&A and business readjustment for industry diversification
  • Project feasibility analysis and transfer prices consulting to start new domestic and overseas projects
  • Improvement of logistics process to lower operating costs
  • Risk management on strengthened government regulations
  • Tax consulting service, including IFRS 15
  • Consulting service on management structure for corporate succession

Life Science experts with an abundance of experience are part of Samjong KPMG. For more information, please contact our Life Science team.

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