Faced with the recent low growth and low interest rate condition, the domestic financial industry is experiencing a weakening foundation for profits and fierce competition. Concurrently, there are more factors to consider and prepare for due to the changes in the economic environment, such as increasing requests for strengthened consumer protection and social publicity.


Samjong KPMG supports a number of domestic and overseas financial institutions including financial holding companies, banks, insurance companies and securities companies with Audit, Tax and Consulting services. The goal of Samjong KPMG is to improve our clients’ value and support growth in response to the changes in the financial environment.


Samjong KPMG has the most number of financial experts in Korea. The experts from various sectors including accounting, tax, risk consulting, internal control, IT and management strategy provide one of the leading teams to tackle the various challenges financial institutions may encounter.


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With its keen insight, Samjong KPMG Banking team helps its member firms’ client companies enhance their competitiveness.

Korea’s banking industry is experiencing a slowdown in asset growth due to the global trend of slow economic growth and increase in household debts. Its profitability is also on the decline due to the decrease in net interest margin sparked by low interest rates. Also, with the launch of Internet Only Banks and with the implementation of Current Account Switch Service (CASS) and Individual Savings Account (ISA), the financial environment is undergoing rapid changes.

Moreover, uncertainty in capital markets, such as concerns on Korean companies’ profitability and financial integrity is increasing.

Under such harsh conditions, Samjong KPMG’s advisory service practice provides our clients, based on accumulated experience with major banks and financial investment companies, the opportunities to seek sustainability and enhance competitiveness through innovation.

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Through its experience and Global Network, Samjong KPMG supports its member firms’ clients in the insurance sector create company value.

Recently, the insurance industry is facing various issues including the digitalization of the industry, continuous trend of low growth and population aging, and the introduction of IFRS4 Phase 2.

Samjong KPMG, engaged in a global network, possesses strategies to respond to global issues and is able to draw on leading innovative cases. With such accumulated experience, Samjong KPMG exhaustively attempts to enhance the value of our clients, including life insurance companies, property insurance companies, reinsurance companies and insurance brokers.

Samjong KPMG’s professional Insurance team, organized with experts with abundant experience in the insurance industry, are ready to assist our clients facing various issues with advisory services.

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