Consumer Markets

Consumer Markets

Samjong KPMG Consumer Markets team helps consumer markets industry clients adapt to new changes and create successful value.

Samjong KPMG Consumer Markets team helps consumer markets industry clients adapt to...

The consumer goods industry must respond to the low-growth business environment by continuously evolving its business models and creating technological changes that have never been seen before. Even under limited competition, differentiation strategies centered on product innovation are not enough to actively respond to such changes. To lead the competition in the newly expanded e-commerce environment, clients should be provided not only with innovative product improvement, but also with unique experiences through the convergence of various sectors, including logistics, finance, IT, etc.


Samjong KPMG has always asked: how can we help our clients to promptly adapt to the changing environment? Based on the understanding of the industry and clients, Samjong KPMG provides both traditional services, such as Audit and Risk Consulting, as well as the following new services: advising on global market expansion by using online channels, a new logistics model divided into omni-channels, and advisory in diverse fields for operation efficiency. Also, to obtain successful results, we have technological approaches which utilize ‘big data’ and ‘process mining’. In addition, Samjong KPMG employs professionals from various fields, including information security, in order to respond to the new technological changes.


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