It isn’t just about the work you do; it’s about making every-day count and valuable.

At KPMG Indonesia, we recognize that our people need to grow both professionally and personally. Professional development is supported through various learning opportunities via local and international training courses that are supplemented by on-the-job training, mentoring and coaching. Meanwhile, personal development is supported through various people initiatives that focus to maintain our people’s well-being, which you can glimpse at KPMG Indonesia Instagram (@kpmg_indonesia). It matters for us because we believe that “when we’re at our best, our best work happens”. That's why we create opportunities that help each of us achieve physical and mental health on our own terms.

Besides that, with the future of work remaining uncertain, we’re helping our people to define improved working environments and address areas such as flexible working, diversity, technological capabilities, well-being and social impact. It is these diverse views that are helping us to create fulfilling career opportunities for everyone at KPMG.

Therefore, we do not want to be just a workplace, but we are a catalyst to empower our people to grow their careers with life-changing connections and experiences to make their mark.