Our Profile

KPMG is a global organization of independent professional services firms providing Audit, Tax and Advisory services. KPMG firms operate in 143 countries and territories with more than 273 000 partners and employees working in member firms around the world.

Our dedicated team of professionals assist clients navigate complex challenges, make informed decisions and achieve their strategic objectives. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of integrity, quality, and professionalism in everything we do, while being a driving force behind innovation and positive change, fostering growth and sustainability for our clients and the communities we serve.

Our Purpose

Whether addressing complex business challenges or focusing on driving lifelong learning in our communities, KPMG people have the same overarching goal: to make a difference today while making the world a better place for future generations.

For clients that means, working with a team of professionals who work with passion and purpose every day to ensure the work they do is of the highest quality and delivers real results. They know that our teams understand how our work influences the world we operate in.

For our people, it provides a sense of pride that our work helps to build confidence in the capital markets and strengthen the economy - helping to drive progress and prosperity in the societies in which we live and work.

For society, it provides confidence that in all we do, individually or collectively, we look to make a lasting, positive impact on society, our communities, and the wider world.

Our Values

Our values represent what we believe in and who we aspire to be. Our values guide our behaviors day-to-day, informing how we act, the decisions we take, and how we work with each other, our clients, our communities and all our stakeholders. They bind us together, across our different backgrounds and cultures, and are common to each of us.

  • Integrity
    We do what is right. That means we are honest, fair and consistent in our words, actions and decisions — both inside and outside work.

  • Excellence
    We never stop learning and improving. That means we relentlessly deliver quality work to the highest professional standards.

  • Courage
    We think and act boldly. We are open to new ideas and honest about the limits of our own knowledge and experience.

  • Together
    We respect each other and draw strength from our differences. We do our best work when we do it together: in teams, across teams, and by working with others outside our organization.

  • For Better
    We do what matters. That means we take a long-term view, even in our day-to-day choices, because we want to build a stronger KPMG for future.

Global Values Week

From November 6th to 10th, 2023, the Global Values Week celebration was conducted on a worldwide scale, involving the active participation of all KPMG employees in an extensive series of festivities. This marked the inaugural occasion where we united as a global organization to celebrate our values.

Meaningful conversations unfolded across various regions, providing us with the chance to engage in remarkable events that showcased our values in innovative and impactful ways.

A significant acknowledgment goes to our senior leadership, who not only shared their personal stories and experiences but also facilitated a forum for a diverse spectrum of voices to resonate. 

The Global Values Week journey has not only been a celebration but a catalyst for our collective growth on the guiding principles of Integrity, Excellence, Courage, Together, For Better.

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Our Impact plan

Our Impact Plan sets out our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments and the actions we are taking to make an even more positive impact on the world. Holding us accountable for progress toward a more sustainable future.

Join us and contribute to projects with a strong emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance principles.

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