We welcome you to embark on an extraordinary journey of professional growth through our captivating KPMG Internship Program. Our internship program offers a dynamic and enriching experience to university students who wish to develop themselves at KPMG. Here, you will find a unique fusion of well-established best-practices and modern innovation, as you develop yourself side by side with talented professionals.

You may not yet have your academic diploma in your pocket, but still you will get the chance to work with our people and solve real challenges. You will gain valuable training and start building your own career. As an intern, you will be welcomed into a vibrant community of dedicated individuals committed to fostering your potential. You will be exposed to a diverse array of projects, gaining invaluable hands-on training that will set you on a trajectory toward success. 

Whether you are analyzing data to identify trends, collaborating with colleagues to develop innovative solutions, or participating in engaging learning experiences, you will be part of a team that values your contributions and encourages you to stretch your intellectual boundaries. 

KPMG doesn't just offer internships; it opens doors to a world of possibilities, where your aspirations are nurtured, and your talents are honed, ultimately shaping you into a future leader.

We are receiving internship applications throughout the year! Take the first step now and send your resume to careers@kpmg.gr.