Regardless of your prior experience, KPMG provides the ideal platform for continuing the elevation of your career. Seize the extensive array of opportunities to foster your professional growth. Engage with KPMG and become a part of a diverse team of accomplished specialists, in one of the following areas:


Our clients look to our Auditors to provide a high-quality financial audit, industry insights, and valuable perspectives on a variety of business issues. We are focused on empowering our Audit Professionals and providing them with a fulfilling and dynamic career path, characterized by continuous learning and diversified experiences. Join us and you will gain access to advanced digital data analytics applications, opportunities to develop your skills and to shape a rewarding Audit career that unlocks your full potential. 


Our Tax professionals work every step of the way in helping tax leaders constantly raise the bar in a high-stakes tax landscape. Our knowledge and experience rank us among the world’s top tax firms. But what really sets us apart is our passion, collaboration, and commitment to our client’s business success. Here, you’ll work with clients to learn all you can about their organization, understand their goals at the deepest level, and uncover unexpected opportunities. 


Clients come to KPMG Advisory to improve their business performance, turn risk into opportunities, and embed powerful technologies throughout their organization. We bring deep knowledge and fresh perspectives across multiple disciplines and industries to address both customer and market demands. From Artificial Intelligence to advanced analytics and automation, we help redefine what is possible. 

Business Support Services

To run a top-class professional services firms, you need a multidisciplinary team of talented individuals working behind the scenes. KPMG Business Support Services is that team. Our professionals are the engines that drive our internal infrastructure practice, providing the crucial support our Audit, Τax, and Advisory services require to deliver on client expectations. We offer a variety of opportunities in Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Information Technology, Legal, Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance as well as Office Administration shared services. Pick your field of expertise and apply now!

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