KPMG professionals come from diverse backgrounds and skill sets, but they share common attributes that define their daily life:

We are all dedicated to understand our clients' unique needs and challenges. Our daily life involves collaborating with clients to provide tailored solutions, from audit and tax services to deal advisory and consulting.

Learning is constantly in the life of a KPMG professional. We engage in ongoing training and development to stay at the forefront of industry trends, regulations, and technologies.

Collaboration is the key at KPMG. We work closely with colleagues and clients to tackle complex problems. This involves brainstorming, sharing expertise, and working together to deliver the best possible results.

We maintain rigorous standards of integrity and professionalism. We uphold these standards in our daily interactions, ensuring the utmost trust and reliability in our work.

KPMG encourages its professionals to think creatively and embrace innovation. We explore new technologies and methodologies to solve complex business challenges.

While the work can be demanding, KPMG values work-life balance, and offers various initiatives to support it. These may include flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and opportunities for personal development.

KPMG's global network means that professionals often collaborate across borders. This global exposure allows us to gain a broad perspective and work on projects with international significance.

We emphasize corporate social responsibility, and many of us are involved in volunteer activities and community engagement efforts, contributing to the betterment of society.

We foster a culture of mentorship and career development. We all have opportunities for advancement, and our daily life may involve setting and pursuing career goals.

KPMG professionals need to be adaptable in a constantly changing business landscape. We embrace new challenges and quickly adjust to evolving clients’ needs and market conditions.

In summary, life at KPMG is characterized by a dedication to client service, continuous learning, collaboration, and a commitment to upholding high professional standards. It's a place where talented individuals come together to make a meaningful impact on businesses, communities, and the world at large.

Employee Value Proposition

Grounded in our Purpose, Values and Brand Positioning, our Collective Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Framework describes what is special, compelling, and differentiating about KPMG. In other words, what we want to be known for, as an employer.

Our Framework has as its core a powerful EVP Statement, surrounded by five supporting pillars describing its distinctive qualities and themes that define our people experience. 

EVP Statement: What you want to be known for, as an employer 

“Your insight can create opportunities for you and others and contribute to a better future. Do work that matters, supported by a community that values difference and cares about you. Gain learning that’ll last you a lifetime and be recognized for the impact you make. Find opportunity everywhere with KPMG.”

EVP supporting pillars: The distinctive qualities that define your people experience and the themes they address:

Do work that matters

Every day, in ways big and small, you make a meaningful and positive difference for clients, people and the communities we serve. Help create opportunity in a world of increasing complexity.

Come as you are

Your unique experiences and perspectives belong here. Both individually and as a team, you will understand and value the differences that lead to stronger insights and innovation.

Thrive with us

Build relationships with colleagues who take care of each other. You will have the KPMG community at your side, providing the support you need to be at your best and create opportunities for yourself and others.

Learn for a lifetime

Grow your own way in an environment where learning is continuous. Feed your curiosity, work with the best on emerging practices and technologies, and gain an advantage for life.

Make your mark

Your aspirations and initiative make KPMG better. Wherever you work, be recognized for the impact you make, the leadeship you show, and the success you create with others.

Our solid EVP sets us apart from competition by assisting our candidate attraction efforts, while serving retention purposes at the same time. It not only describes what we all enjoy at KPMG but also reflects what we promise to our candidates and future colleagues. 

Think of it as a foundation - a starting point for creating a differentiated people experience and an aligned and consistent employer brand. Simply put, our way to foster an environment in which our people are motivated to do their best work, no matter who or where they are. 

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

We are a Purpose-led and Values-driven firm that provides insights that have a positive impact on our People, Clients, and Society. Inclusion, Diversity and Equity underpin our Values: Integrity, Excellence, Courage, Together and For Better and our Purpose: Inspire Confidence and Empower Change. 

There is an expectation from our people, our clients and the society that we have a robust Inclusion, Diversity and Equity agenda — linked to the S in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) commitments included in Our Impact Plan and our Trust and Growth ambition. Improving our Employer Value Proposition to attract and retain the best talent, also aligns with the S in our ESG ambitions.  

Our approach to Inclusion, Diversity and Equity underscores all we do and is core to who we are. We always try to do what’s right, which means we must provide all our people with the environment they need to be the best version of themselves — their true selves.

How we define Inclusion, Diversity & Equity at KPMG

Inclusion is about belonging: We commit to creating a safe environment built on trust; where we can bring our true, authentic selves to work and feel valued for our unique contributions and perspectives.

Diversity is about difference: We commit to embracing and respecting the variety of unique experiences, cultures, identities, and perspectives we collectively bring to KPMG.

Equity is about access to opportunities: We commit to standing against systemic barriers and biases. We help level the playing field and ensure everyone can succeed and thrive at KPMG.


At KPMG, we place a profound emphasis on the well-being of our professionals, recognizing that a thriving workforce is essential for delivering exceptional client service. We prioritize well-being through comprehensive programs that promote physical and mental health, work-life balance, and a supportive work environment. 

Lifelong learning

We understand that lifelong learning is at the core of professional growth. We are committed to nurturing a culture of continuous development, offering extensive training opportunities, mentoring, and resources to ensure that our people stay at the forefront of industry trends and emerging technologies. 

Reward and recognition initiatives

We value and celebrate our people's contributions through robust reward and recognition initiatives, acknowledging outstanding performance and dedication. 

As a testament to our commitment to excellence, KPMG has instituted a recognition and reward program dedicated to the children of our employees who achieve the "Arista" distinction across all three levels of higher education – Gymnasium, Lyceum, and University Graduates. This program serves as a token of appreciation and acknowledgment for their outstanding academic performance throughout the year.  We firmly believe that honoring students for their hard work will serve as a positive influence, encouraging others to emulate their dedication. The Children Excellence Award Program not only applauds academic brilliance but also actively supports the comprehensive growth of tomorrow's leaders.  Our aim is to empower and inspire these young minds to serve as agents of positive transformation within their academic spheres and the global community at large.

These three pillars—well-being, lifelong learning, and reward & recognition—underscore our commitment to fostering a positive, fulfilling, and sustainable career experience for our dedicated professionals.

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