Kaia Kuusler

Senior Associate, Attorney-at-Law

Advokaadibüroo KPMG Law

Kaia has advised clients on all aspects of employment law: working conditions; concluding and terminating employment contracts; incentives, compensations and benefits; HR policies and privacy; employment disputes; employment issues in local and cross-border corporate restructurings; employee participation rules; management of board member and senior executive agreements; and other complex employment law matters. In addition to her degree acquired in Estonia, Kaia has developed her skills and knowledge in Germany by studying a semester at the University of Göttingen and practicing employment law at Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek which is one of the largest law firms in Germany. Prior to joining KPMG Law Firm in Estonia, Kaia worked for the regional business law firm SORAINEN. Besides legal advisory practices, Kaia has spoken at seminars, written numerous articles and is a co-author for several publications.