Social security in a context

Social security and tax liability are two independent matters, which imply that employees could be socially secured in one country and tax liable in another country.

The employer’s contributions to social security vary a lot between countries. This is especially relevant for Danish employers since the costs for social security is fairly low in Denmark compared to other European countries.

It is therefore important to understand the rules and how they impact the cost of working abroad, as it secures that your employees are entitled to the correct health insurance, sickness benefits, maternity benefits, unemployment benefits, family benefits, public pension, etc.

How can we assist you?

We safeguard your compliance with EU coordination rules on social security and Denmark’s bilateral agreements on social security to make sure you know what employer obligations you need to comply with in a given country.

We assist companies with preparing policies and the practical implementation for cross-border employees, business travellers and when employees work remote, so the employees do not miss out on any social benefits.

Our points of expertise:

  • Telework, remote work, working from anywhere
  • Posted workers inside and outside of EU/EEA countries
  • Multi-state workers (business travellers, installers, engineers, export drivers, etc.)
  • Øresund agreement
  • Cross-border workers
  • Civil servants/public sector employees
  • Pilots
  • Seafarers
  • Offshore
  • Artists
  • Third-country nationals
  • Self-employed persons
  • Board members
  • Faroe Island and Greenland
  • Clarification of previous working periods
  • Special agreements to either keep or change the social security.

What we do for you:

We provide advisory services on all matters, but also on particularly complex matters, within applicable legislation on social security, set policies and processes as well as the implementation itself, including:
  • A1 certificate applications regarding work in EEA countries and Switzerland
  • Certificate of Coverage applications regarding work outside of EEA countries (countries with which Denmark has an agreement on social security)
  • Special agreement application deviating from applicable rules
  • S1/special health card applications
  • Documentation of Danish social security for retroactive periods to safeguard your right to social pension
  • Communication guidance/memo addressed to you and your employees about their rights to social security benefits.

Meet our Social Security team

Together, our Danish team of experts have more than 50 years of experience working with international social security. Through our wide experience and dialogue with both the employee and the employer, we provide safe and solid advice on social security for each employee, regardless of your line of business or the complexity of your social security matters. 

We are part of a pro-active international network of colleagues that are dedicated to international social security with in-depth insight in the legislation, the practice of the competent social security authorities and upcoming legislative initiatives.