Christina Brink

Director, Mobility & People Services


Christina Brink is a Director in Mobility and People Services and has more than 19 years of experience working with national and international taxation in both Denmark and Sweden, the special tax issues for employer and employees in relation to cross-border taxation between Sweden and Denmark and social security regulations both inside and outside the EU.

Christina is experienced in advising and managing clients and handling the expatriate population and coordination for local HQ clients (global mobility administration), as well as providing optimization of company costs and setting up remuneration packages for executives.

Christina has the following areas of tax expertize: global key account management, the aspects of executive remuneration, tax return preparation, assignment policy development, international remuneration planning and expatriate cost minimization.

Christina has worked with both large clients within the pharmaceutical industry, construction industry, oil and energy industry, chemical industry, flight industry, automobile industry and computer industry as well as medium size companies and private clients.

Finally, Christina has a long experience in teaching internal and external auditors and clients in Danish and Swedish tax legislation and social security.

  • Tax
  • Master of Laws, Uppsala University, Sweden

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