Services offered

Services offered

In today’s complex regulatory environment it is increasingly important that multinational companies can show that they have good governance.

In today’s complex regulatory environment it is important that companies can show...

Many companies are taking the opportunity to not just incrementally improve the management of their global compliance but to transform the performance of their compliance function and achieve exponential value.

Helping you manage your local tax and statutory accounting compliance obligations is at the heart of what we do in Global Compliance Management Services (GCMS) – but we go beyond. We see compliance management as an opportunity for transformation. Not only do we bring together established methods, processes and technologies to develop the framework and foundation for a continuously improving compliance function that’s tailored to help meet your business goals, but we also leverage our knowledge of your organization and your data to provide value-driven actionable insights.

It’s what we bring together that sets us apart.

Transformational Approach
Transforming you to a leading compliance function as we meet your compliance needs

We’ve learned that when it comes to compliance, one size does not fit all. Using established Lean Six Sigma techniques in collaboration with experienced compliance transformation specialists, we design an approach to transformation to suit the unique organizational structure and specific needs of your business. This will help generate value for you above and beyond the delivery of timely and accurate local compliance filings through improved tax, finance and accounting processes, better risk management and identification of value-added opportunities.

Dedicated Network
Dedicated compliance specialists around the world are supported by our Global Compliance Center of Excellence

Our Global Compliance Center of Excellence connects our network of dedicated, full-time compliance professionals around the world to help deliver the coordinated global compliance service you expect. Our local teams provide technical insight and advice on your local compliance requirements while our Center of Excellence provides leadership and deep experience to help in the implementation of global compliance processes, controls and technology as well as overall project and change management.

Collaborative Approach
The most successful global compliance engagements are where the company and service provider team up to help add value to the organization

Collaboration starts with your single relationship and engagement owner, who will be accountable for the successful delivery of GCMS services and will bring together a team with compliance specific project management and technical skills, who know how to quickly obtain a knowledge and understanding of your business and help deliver transformational results.

Our Global Compliance Management Services team will build relationships throughout your organization. By building a KPMG team that effectively connects with your team, we will execute the collaborative approach needed for effective compliance management.

Right Delivery Model
KPMG has invested in its local, regional and global compliance capabilities to help bring an effective delivery model to meet your needs

Our network of local, regional and global delivery teams allows us to find the right balance of centralized and local delivery with a package of coordinated services that helps to deliver quality and value, visibility and oversight cost-effectively.

Enabling Technology & Data Analytics
Connecting with you at every level

KPMG’s ongoing investment in our end-to-end suite of compliance technology for compliance processes help streamline data collection, minimize touch points and enhance visibility, control, efficiency and effectiveness. Our compliance management technology provides you with global visibility and control.

Our data management tools provide an efficient and automated interface with your accounting systems. Our compliance reporting software provides a standardized and automated approach to preparing your statutory filings. Our data and analytics solutions help turn compliance data into value-added and actionable insight.

Integrated Governance Framework
We work with you to establish a clear framework for governance of global tax and statutory accounting compliance to help ensure you meet your related filing obligations and we meet the high standards of quality you expect

Our experienced teams, standardized processes and state of the art technology help ensure we consistently deliver on our promises. Through our work on some of the world’s largest and most complex compliance engagements the Global Compliance Management Services network has refined its approach to engagement delivery through:

  • well-defined and documented roles and responsibilities
  • clearly established communication protocols
  • robust service agreements, key performance indicators and regular status reporting.

GCMS services


  • corporate income tax compliance
  • tax provision preparation and reporting
  • statutory accounting
  • bookkeeping
  • indirect tax compliance
  • transfer pricing documentation
  • company secretarial 
  • payroll
  • other compliance filings
  • project management and coordination.


  • creating a comprehensive compliance strategy
  • building the business case for transformation of the compliance function
  • advise on governance, controls, change management and technology.

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