Corporate Tax in a context

The vast majority of corporate transactions are subject to corporate taxation. Consequently, corporate tax represents a substantial financial impact on most transactions. In recent years, the number and complexity of new domestic and international rules implemented into Danish law have been substantial and it is, therefore, more necessary than ever to clarify the corporate tax consequences prior to a transaction.

How can we assist you?

Our Corporate Tax Team offers very highly professional advisory and compliance services in relation to all corporate tax matters. We will be happy to discuss or comment on any transaction or question that your company may have in that regard. Our services include:

General corporate tax compliance

  • We assist with the preparation of corporate tax returns, including tax in the accounts, and the preparation and filing of any other documents, forms etc. relating to corporate tax.

Negotiation/contact with the Danish tax authorities

  • In many situations, it may be relevant to discuss corporate tax matters with the Danish tax authorities. Based on our experience, it will generally be possible to have an open and constructive dialogue with their many skilled tax inspectors. We will be pleased to either engage directly in the communication with them or to provide advisory services and/or second opinions on corporate tax matters requested.

Advisory services on specific market segments and structuring of transactions

  • Through a robust, formal and practically based knowledge of various market segments such as real estate, non-profit, public, shipping, oil & gas, financial services, etc., we offer assistance with any related corporate tax matter and will be pleased to assist you in this respect.

Application for binding rulings

  • Binding rulings may be obtained from the Danish tax authorities on specific questions relating to direct and indirect taxes. We have assisted many of our clients with such applications and will be more than happy to assist you with obtaining such ruling.

Tax litigation

  • We assist with both tax audits and tax disputes before the National Tax Tribunal. 

Why choose us?

We understand your challenges due to our many collective years' experience with assisting our corporate tax clients.

We take pride in providing clear and solid advisory services tailored to specifically address your company's needs and concerns whether you are a business based in Denmark or a multinational enterprise. In that lies the key to maximising your savings, avoiding risks and costs and ultimately minimising your internal business process burdens.

In addition, we consist of some of Denmark's most well-renowned, experienced and highly educated specialists within the field. We bring together deep industry knowledge and provide a multi-disciplinary approach to delivering your commercial objectives. We share a passion for providing top-of-class solutions and sustainable advantages for all our clients. This combined with a network of more than 220,000 KPMG specialists within our field globally enable us to guarantee personal, dedicated and thorough advisory services of superior quality within our field.

In choosing us, you can experience and benefit from the personality and agility of a small firm and the skills of a big one.


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