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How can I quickly and effectively evaluate my strategic options?

How can I stabilise the business entity and assess its financial condition?

How do the different options pay off financially?

How do I ensure that the restructuring plan is implemented consistently?

Which strategy creates sustainable enterprise value and best balances the risks and opportunities for all stakeholders?

With our objective and practical approach, we aim to accurately identify the causes of an escalating crisis, quickly stabilise your business entity and implement strategic, performance and financial measures. We work with you on a sustainable business strategy and help to get your business entity back on track.

As your advisor...

  • ... we critically challenge your business model and consider your strategic options, taking into account the interests of the stakeholders involved.
  • ... we highlight available liquidity and payables, validate weekly forecasts and support you in developing an appropriate reporting and communication strategy for your stakeholders.
  • ... we work with you to design a turnaround plan to sustainably improve your situation, taking into account the changing market and the changing competition, and estimate the financial success of the jointly developed measures.
  • ... we help you realise your goal of ensuring effective reporting and regularly challenge your plans and ideas.
  • ... we make the assumptions about the planned increase in sales and the exploitation of your potential for internal financing plausible. We also analyse communications with key stakeholders and your employees.


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