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How far has the crisis progressed, and what measures are required to stabilise the business entity?

What are the causes of the crisis, and what options do I have to fix them?

What financing options do I have to make the reorganisation successful?

How do I increase the operational performance of my core business?

How do I ensure the success of the restructuring plan through associated reporting?

Even experienced leaders need outside support in exceptional situations. With our experience in operational and financial reorganisation, we are here to assist you with any questions you may have and support you in setting up appropriate measures and solutions to help you quickly get back on track and avoid liability risks along the way.

As your advisor...

  • ... we analyse the crisis situation and introduce you to strategies and measures so that you stay in control and keep an eye on short-term liquidity and liability risks, even during difficult periods.
  • ... we assess the market and competitive success factors for your business, test the current strategy and help you develop options for addressing the crisis situation.
  • ... we identify financial reorganisation options, work with you to develop a sustainable capital structure and coordinate transparent and trustworthy communication with your stakeholders.
  • ... we advise you on the development of a target vision for the operating business model and show you measures to increase sales and efficiency.
  • ... we monitor the progress of the measures initiated with an accurate controlling and reporting system and support you in communicating with investors.


Find more solutions and key points in our brochure (PDF, 0.9 MB), or contact one of our experts.