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How much room do I still have to manoeuvre?

What type of procedure should be used?

How do I prepare for the procedure?

How is the procedure specifically stabilised?

How do I specifically support and optimise the process?

A business entity on the verge of bankruptcy is experiencing violent turbulence in its daily business dealings. Relationships with suppliers, customers and banks can often be severely disrupted. KPMG’s expert teams can help you overcome these challenges. From their analysis, they can design a promising short-term strategy and help you to systematically implement it. Our consulting services are designed to ensure the vital stability of your business entity.

As your advisor,

  • we identify how you are already meeting the insolvency criteria or whether you are at risk of doing so in the foreseeable future.
  • we analyse whether there is a remedial core in your business entity and how it can remain strong.
  • we determine whether the creditors are interested in preserving the business entity, whether self-administration is possible and whether this is supported. In addition, we analyse whether the special protection of a procedure pursuant to § 270 b of the Insolvency Code (a “protective shield” procedure) is aimed for, if sufficient liquidity is available for implementation and what special features within the industry must be observed.
  • we help you ensure that the most important business framework data, such as commercial register excerpts and lists of receivables and liabilities, are compiled without gaps; that you have an overview of your business entity’s current situation, with its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and risks; and that there is enough staff.
  • Together, we will derive a customised solution to ensure your business entity’s ability to continue as a going concern and create a robust plan to meet strategic objectives as required by the process. In doing so, we focus on and monitor the major processes.
  • we prepare your business entity for negotiations, support the executive or middle management in the process and work with you to establish the basis for your business operations after the insolvency procedure.
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