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You want to make decisions with a focus on value and consider not only the financial measures for success but also any associated risks. This not only affects your acquisition and investment decisions, but all strategic and operational decisions with significant financial consequences.

We help you structure your decision-making problem, prepare the relevant information and make the best decision for adding value based on that information. We also help you document your decision appropriately.

Of course, we help you comply with legal and regulatory requirements, for example, with the presentation of acquisitions in the accounting in accordance with IFRS and HGB (for example, purchase price allocation), including the analysis of any future negative effects on earnings, as well as within the framework of annual goodwill and asset impairment tests, shareholding impairment tests and the valuation of financial instruments. Guiding your company transactions (such as strategic valuation, valuation and fairness opinion), your corporate structural measures (for example, squeeze-out, domination and/or profit and loss pooling agreements, mergers) as well as your tax-related valuations rounds out what we have to offer.

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