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Are you still calculating or are you already digitizing?

Digitization is changing companies: Processes and structures are being called into question, new technologies are opening up opportunities, the flood of data is increasing and can often no longer be managed with conventional solutions. All of this also affects the tax departments, which also have to meet increasingly stringent compliance requirements. Another factor is a changing self-perception: Whereas the tax department was often a purely reactive staff department in the past, there is now the opportunity to create added value as a business partner through new technological possibilities.

However, this requires an expansion of the previous main activities of analysis, correction and reporting to the correct tax determination directly at the transaction (source) - no matter where in the company this takes place. This is exactly what digitization enables. However, this should not be an end in itself, but should be tailored precisely to the company. A tailor-made digitization strategy based on cost-benefit considerations and clear implementation planning are essential.

The right digital strategy for your company

Digitization poses challenges for many companies. The same applies here: a strategic approach increases the chances of success. Read here the steps you need to take to create a digital strategy for your tax department that suits your company.

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Chart (in German only)

Digital Tools for your Tax department

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