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Tight deadlines, increasingly complex tax laws and ever-increasing data volumes are the daily challenges facing corporate tax departments. The simplification and automation of time-intensive, repetitive tasks and processes is a remedy for this. With Alteryx, Tax Technology Alliance Partner of KPMG, such tasks can be solved efficiently and without much prior knowledge.

Alteryx is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use platform that enables tax departments to automatically and accurately capture large amounts of data, evaluate them for tax purposes, saving time and money. The features of the software solution in detail:

1.  Data preparation: Transfer of unstructured data into a usable form through data cleansing, standardisation and merging

2.  Data analysis: Over 300 code-free and code-friendly tools and functions allow detailed analysis of large data volumes

3. Data presentation: Simple and intuitive presentation of results as a basis for decision-making and the automatic generation of standardised reports

4. Process automation: Comprehensive solution for automating processes

5. Integration capability: Comprehensive data overview through integration into a wide variety of data sources and systems. Over 70 connectors directly available, for example to ERP systems or individual Excel files

Options for use

Alteryx can generally be used in all departments of a company. There are many opportunities of use in the tax department. Examples include the automation of VAT/pre-tax sampling, an end-to-end automation of the processes for pricing and monitoring of target margins in the area of transfer pricing, customs data analysis, automated country-by-country reporting, the preparation of data as part of the land tax declaration, data transformations and the creation of management reports to improve data quality.

Overall, the software facilitates accelerated processes with low susceptibility to errors - without any programming knowledge.

As part of our cooperation with Alteryx, we are happy to support you with the following services:

Consultancy: Definition of the right use cases and solutions for your business

Optimisation of tax processes: Effective use of Alteryx and ongoing process improvement

Implementation: Effective implementation of workflows

Integration: Integrate Alteryx into existing systems and processes to ensure seamless use

Training and support: Training and workshops to prepare for the use of Alteryx, support with questions and problems

Best Practices: Presentation of and advice on Best Practice approaches when using Alteryx

Visit our free hackathons

As a service for interested parties, we regularly organise free hackathons in our innovation room in Frankfurt am Main. Gather practical experience in dealing with Alteryx and obtain first relevant use cases for your individual tasks. Here you can find more information and the option of logging in directly.

Get in touch. We look forward to continuing our business relationship with you.