Katharina Gädeke, Senior Manager, Audit, Risk & Compliance Services, explains how she sees ESG regulation not just as a compulsory exercise, but as a stepping stone - to gain business advantages through sustainable strategies.


Three questions for Katharina

What motivates you every day?

Katharina Gädeke: What motivates me in my job is the opportunity to think outside the box. Companies see sustainability regulation as a fulfilment of duty and an expense. I see it as value creation - and that makes it meaningful. I am motivated by the success stories that we help to write and to see how our knowledge is applied.

"I translate ESG regulation into system processes."

Katharina Gädeke
Katharina Gädeke

What does transformation mean to you?

Katharina Gädeke: For me, transformation is part of the entrepreneurial spirit. It means constantly reprioritising, restructuring and reorganising depending on the requirements.

How do you make the difference?

Katharina Gädeke: I make complex issues tangible and convince people of an ESG reporting topic through my enthusiasm and by showing how important and socially valuable sustainability is.

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