Digital identity’s role in optimizing customer experience and competitive advantage

Optimizing customer experience & competitive advantage

Embracing consumer identity and access management.

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New digital identity strategies are driving competitive advantage

Taking a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to consumer identity maximizes the value of investments while dramatically heightening security, agility and responsiveness to the marketplace. It’s no surprise, then, that digital consumer identity is climbing up the business agenda and driving more board-level discussions.

This new strategic focus is creating opportunities to exploit the benefits of consumer identity at various levels, while overcoming traditional reliance on a siloed departmental approach that risks ongoing inefficiencies, duplication of effort, higher costs and limited agility.

Until recently, this topic was synonymous with cyber security technology and the concept of identity and access management (IAM), with its focus on enterprise and workforce security and operations. However, now, with the digital transformation of business models and the intense focus on customer-centric strategies, digital identity has evolved into the broader field of consumer identity and access management (CIAM).

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