KPMG has a profound knowledge of the retail industry thus helping your company anticipate and seize opportunities.

KPMG has a profound knowledge of the retail industry thus helping your company.

Successful retailers are those that focus their business on the clients, and are able to engage them in an environment comprised of multiple platforms to generate a better and more successful purchase experience. 

Brazil's retail business has gone through an intense transformation process in the last ten years, which encompassed consolidations, accelerated expansion, establishment and strengthening of new operators and new formats, technological innovations, and changes in the point of sale regarding the relationship with the consumer and suppliers, supply chain management, professionalization and a greater formalization of operations and business.

The current high-complexity scenario of the business environment creates challenges, but also favorable circumstances for those who manage to always reinvent themselves.  This is the time for adjustments and great opportunities.

Within this context, reviewing the business logic in search of productivity improvements and cost adaptation to the new scenario is mandatory for those who wish to continue growing and maintain the continuity of their business as going concerns.  In addition, those adjustments and great opportunities may come from M&A operations, review of the stores portfolio, products and services offered and mainly from the innovation that may be related to technology, process review and update, and the appropriate tax planning. 

Goals such as achieving a 20-, 50- or 100-year growth within just 5 years continue to be part of some retailers' strategy.  Providing support to those strategies is part of KPMG's and its multidisciplinary team's work, always focused on specific industries. KPMG combines profound knowledge of the retail industry and extensive experience in local and global markets, thus it may help your company anticipate and seize opportunities.