Food, Drink & Consumer Goods

Food, Drink & Consumer Goods

We operate with a network of experienced professionals in order to meet the requirements of consumer products companies.

We operate with a network of experienced professionals in order to meet the ..

Companies operating in the Food, Drink and Consumer goods sectors have strongly opposed the trends that are reshaping the industry. Nevertheless, being up-to-date in relation to the current consumer's requirements, keeping pace with the disruptive technology and expanding into new markets may require innovation.

At KPMG, working close with our clients is important for us to develop the strategic measures required, always aiming at promoting successful business transformations. We work with your company so that the latter adapts to the trends that are being driven by the fast changing environment in these days. 

As a result of our profound industry expertise, insights and technical support, our industry professionals are among leaders in the performance of a wide range of audit and advisory services to meet the unique requirements of consumer product companies.   

Our proposals for professional advisory services focus on four central themes: 

  • Transformation in response to the more informed, aware and connected consumer generation. 
  • Use of technology resources to enhance operations and business models while threats and opportunities posed by transformation are addressed.
  • Growth and profitability in emerging markets.
  • Drive of an effective strategy across the industry to provide support to corporate social  responsibility (CSR) initiatives and sustainable business practices.