Government and Infrastructure

Government and Infrastructure

KPMG has vast experience in all key-sectors of government, services to government bodies, public sector and private companies.

KPMG has vast experience in all key-sectors of government, services to government ...

As a result of its vast experience in all key-sectors of government, the services that KPMG in Brazil provide to government bodies, the public sector and private companies operating in the infrastructure industry aim at cutting through the complexity of everyday challenges in order to provide well-grounded perspectives and clear, value-added strategies.

This work is performed by multidisciplinary teams that provide specialized assistance in the areas of advisory, taxes, audit, accounting and compliance throughout the whole life cycle of projects involving development and strategy, business transformation, financing, capital management, antifraud investigation, tax management, compliance with international standards, in addition to megaprojects such as the ones involving the development of cities, urban mobility and security. 

Benefiting from an extensive local and global experience gained in advisory engagements with government organizations, construction companies, operators and investors in the infrastructure areas, government, among others, our teams can help you formulate the right questions and find tailor-made strategies to meet the specific goals you have established for your entity, body or company. 

Learn about some of the services provided: 

G - Public Sector: Government Business/IT Transformation, Government Procurement Transformation, Defense and Security, Public Accounting (International Public Sector Accounting Standards - IPSAS).

I - Infrastructure Full Life Cycle: S&D (Strategy), P&F (Non-Recourse Project Finance), D&C (Capital Project Leadership-CPL), O&M (Asset Management-AM), INV (Inbound Investments).

Forensic/Anti-Bribery Law, Emerging Local Middle Infrastructure.