Digital transformation affects us all – it’s happening at the heart of every business, no matter the location or industry. But, digital transformation is not just about technology. It is about data, it is about employees and customer, and about building a more sustainable and resilient environment. 

Collaboration is key: in today’s complex and disrupted marketplace, ongoing success involves seeing beyond organizational walls, harnessing the power of data and smart technologies, and collaborating with the right people. We’re combining leading-edge innovation, functional, geopolitical and industry expertise with tax, audit and consulting know-how, as well as risk, compliance and security knowledge to help achieve long-lasting competitive advantage that is sustainable and secure.

The benefits of working with KPMG and our alliances are

  • Wide-ranging offerings
  • Accelerated innovation
  • Enhanced investments
  • Broader reach and scale
  • Increased confidence

Our alliances in Belgium

Read on below to explore our alliances or click on one of the logos to learn more about a specific partnership.

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Enabling business transformation, process optimization and automation across people, processes and technology

Organizations across industry sectors seek to continuously improve and optimize their business processes, including driving efficiencies in their operational processes, increasing visibility across functional and geographical silos, proactively addressing compliance regulations, integrating with third-party systems and increasing overall business agility.

KPMG has teamed up with Appian to provide Intelligent Automation (IA) and a wide range of integrated service offerings to help advance your digital transformation initiatives. The Appian platform includes an integrated low-code development suite with extensive business process management (BPM) and case management capabilities that enables organizations to accelerate the creation of high-impact business applications that are built in the cloud or on premise, and are inherently mobile enabled. The platform can be used to write new applications from scratch, or to connect and enhance legacy applications already in place, without the need for data migration.

Many of the world’s largest organizations use the Appian platform to improve customer experience, achieve operational excellence, and simplify global risk management and compliance. Improving business performance, turning risk and compliance efforts into opportunities, developing winning strategies and creating value are at the core of what KPMG does for leading organizations everywhere. We help clients integrate people and machines, leveraging disruptive cognitive technologies for competitive advantage. Our teams combine industry knowledge with extensive qualifications in Intelligent Automation (IA) and have worked jointly with Appian to deliver client implementations from strategy to execution. We also have an extensive portfolio of complementary solutions and professional and technical services to help meet your business needs.

Our services focus on meeting the needs of key finance, risk, technology and operations decision makers.

Domain / decision marker

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Reduced spend on achieving process efficiencies through a single BPM platform
  • Timely visibility into process deficiencies
  • Reduced compliance spend
Potential benefits
  • Reduced Capex/Opex spend in operational processes
  • Embedded controls to promote better financial transaction accuracy and data quality
  • Process-driven compliance controls

Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
Head of Audit

  • Greater accountability for risk mitigation from business process owners
  • Better controls over business and operational system risks
  • Reduced substantive audit procedures; automated compliance reporting
  • Process-driven compliance controls
  • Continuous monitoring and auditing vs. periodic/quarterly
  • Distribution of internal risk audit work load throughout the year

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Leveraged investment in business process management and/or work flow software license
  • Better use of existing IT resources
  • Ability to address business needs more efficiently and timely
  • Faster and more efficient turnaround on process automation/enhancement requests
  • Reduced customizations for lower cost of ownership
  • Reduced process cycle times
  • Greater visibility into process for all stakeholders
  • Immediate identification of process exceptions
  • Clearer strategy for process improvement and  business value add

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

  • Improved accountability from business process owners
  • Improved business process efficiency
  • Reduced operational spend
  • Process-driven operational efficiencies
  • Greater control over operational performance
  • Embedded controls for better data quality and transaction accuracy
  • Real-time exception monitoring and handling
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Many companies maintain multiple sets of accounting standards, including IFRS, GAAP or statutory accounts, creating an onerous burden when it comes to financial closure, account reconciliation and compliance. In a climate of increasing government and international regulations, an even more complex situation arises that must be managed across ERP systems, accounts, locations and departments.

KPMG’s alliance with BlackLine delivers innovative and streamlined Record-2-Report capabilities to joint clients. We help your finance and accounting organization take advantage of market-leading R2R technology so you can improve staff efficiencies, shift your focus from transactional to analytical, align finance strategies with those of the business, and deliver greater value to the organization.

KPMG employs a distributed network of finance and accounting professionals as well as certified BlackLine consultants with extensive knowledge of the different BlackLine modules.

Learn more on how KPMG and BlackLine can help with your transformation.

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Alter and improve the experience of your customers, by removing all obstacles from any document- or identity-driven business process. Give them a flawless, yet secure, customer journey.​

Connective´s mission is to help every organization, no matter the size or industry, to do business any place and anytime – in a fully digital way. With their Identity Hub, eSignatures and Smart Documents solutions, companies can streamline their digital transactions across borders and transform any paper-based customer journey (e.g. digital onboarding, KYC and contract management) into an unparalleled digital user experience.

Contact us for more information on how Connective and KPMG can help you increase operational efficiency, offer the best-in-class user experience and obtain easy-as-can-be compliance to national and international regulations (e.g. eIDAS, GDPR, UETA and eSIGN Act).

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Digital solutions to help you achieve procurement transformation

Global businesses of today are under more pressure than ever before to reduce costs, minimize supply chain risk and exercise increased control over organizational spend. Together with Coupa, KPMG can help your organization achieve the procurement transformation required to meet these challenges by fully capitalizing on cloud technologies and automation in order to run your operations more efficiently.

Learn more how KPMG and Coupa can boost your procurement transformation.

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AI based solutions supporting Procurement and Supply Chain digital transformation

The lineup of companies expanding, going global and merging spans countries and industries. As a result, supply chains have become more and more complex and difficult to manage. Migration to Business Intelligence Systems, ERPs and Procurement Platforms has flooded the market with ambiguous, multilingual and unstructured data. 

Large multinational corporations need to embrace the Artificial Intelligence revolution to unlock the value of relevant unstructured data stored in the ERPs and other backend systems, as operations efficiency claims the highest quality data.

Considering this a prerequisite to success, KPMG has formed a strategic alliance with Creactives, an AI technologies company, to create a single source of truth in structuring data for companies, with clear-cut business benefits. Creactives provides the kind of solutions that give real-time procurement insights and analytics, optimize inventories and procurement processes and render business data usable by overcoming geographical, linguistic, and ERP/PLM/S2P system barriers. Creactives’ AI-powered solutions continuously cleanse and enrich existing data, learn from evolving meanings, and cost-effectively safeguard the creation of new information on an automatic basis.  

Creactives' end-to-end automation of data quality includes outcome categorization and validation on standard taxonomies like UNSPSC or custom ones, with >95% measurable accuracy and a multilingual capability in more than 30 languages. Creactives’ AI empowers end-users to create the right Master data in real-time from the very beginning of any procurement and supply chain process.

The KPMG and Creactives Alliance offers your organization the industry knowledge and experience of KPMG’s multi-disciplinary professionals (Data and AI Lighthouse, Procurement & Supply chain), and the AI edge of Creactives. This combination can help you successfully reshape your enterprise-wide initiatives in Procurement & Supply Chain, allowing you to achieve your full potential on a global level. 

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Customs has climbed the agenda within organizations

Global trade and customs have gained significant importance within organizations due to the increasing complexity and disruption of supply chains. As a result, many companies need guidance to navigate the complex maze of customs to make informed decisions and to obtain authorizations that will be most beneficial to their business.

Given the circumstances, KPMG Belgium and KPMG UK have teamed up with Customs4trade (C4T) to offer an effective combination of a digital solution and expert advice to businesses in need.

The KPMG and C4T alliance provides a seamless customer experience with premier support services, an automated customs solution, and unparalleled customs expertise.

C4T’s goal is to take customs management to the next level, making it a strategic component of growth for businesses. Understanding the complexity and fragmentation in the market, C4T developed a one-of-a-kind software solution called ‘CAS’, a global trade management solution for companies that want to centralize and automate their customs and trade compliance processes.

Throughout the partnership, businesses can rely on the alliance to provide a “safety net” of support and managed services, resulting in full control and peace of mind over all customs business critical processes.

> Learn more about how KPMG and C4T can transform your customs experience.

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VAT has historically been characterized as a mechanism where taxpayers are responsible for collecting, reporting, and remitting VAT linked to their taxable activities to the Authorities, and Authorities periodically reviewing the correctness of such taxpayers’ statements and remittances. Annual studies carried out by the European Commission have shown that there is a significant difference, known as “the VAT Gap”, between the expected amount of VAT revenue, and the amounts which are effectively collected. While the VAT Gap can be partially explained by unavoidable events such as bankruptcies and financial insolvencies, an unknown portion will be due to straight-forward miscalculations and administrative errors, VAT avoidance or optimizations, or in the worst case, due to VAT fraud and evasion.

According to the Commission’s latest report, the total VAT Gap at EU level amounted to a staggering EUR 61 billion in 2021! As a result, and not surprisingly, the reduction of the VAT Gap is high on the agenda of the European Commission. However, due to an inherent weakness of VAT-based systems, local Tax Authorities across the globe face similar challenges as generally only very limited data is available at the time returns are filed, and it is not uncommon that companies are only audited several years later, if audited at all.

As clearly demonstrated by their astonishingly fast wide-spread emergence in recent times and with many more scheduled for implementation soon, mandatory e-invoicing and e-reporting requirements are the rising stars in combating VAT fraud. Not only is it significantly more difficult to manipulate secured digital records than paper-based versions, but such standardized electronic processes enable the exchange of detailed data on business transactions much quicker, sometimes even in real-time.

Factor in the availability of robust data analytics and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, and it is no surprise that Tax Authorities actively seek companies' transaction data for unprecedented insights into the specifics of a company's business transactions and, by extension, the accuracy of VAT returns.

Under traditional VAT reporting mechanisms, faulty ERP data is often not (or barely) visible to the Tax Authorities as, all too often, in-house Tax or Accounting Departments spend a considerable amount of time and effort on manually identifying and correcting errors before finalizing VAT returns. E-invoicing and e-reporting requirements, however, may put an end to such manual interventions, as they might necessitate taxpayers to submit raw and unchanged ERP source data to the authorities or render time-consuming manual procedures no longer sustainable. Aside from being correct and consistent, ERP source data for VAT purposes will thus become more crucial than ever.

Companies that want to be prepared for this new era will need to ensure that they have the right processes and infrastructure in place to be able to electronically exchange the required data in the correct electronic format at the right time with the appropriate counterpart. This exercise must also be done in each of the countries where they conduct business activities and are subject to the requirements, which adds further complexity.

EDICOM offers clients extensive technical experience with the implementation of e-invoicing and e-reporting globally, along with an internationally scalable world-class platform that will ensure seamless, compliant, and timely data exchange processes. KPMG brings profound knowledge of Indirect Tax legislation and requirements, and know-how on the practical integration of Indirect Tax in ERP environments to ensure consistent and correct ERP source data for diverse VAT purposes.

Through this alliance, EDICOM and KPMG are offering companies end-to-end support with the implementation of e-invoicing and e-reporting mechanisms.

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Harness the full power of the cloud and accelerate digital transformation – across professional and financial services.

In today's fast-paced business landscape, technology challenges and the relentless demand for digital transformation have become a constant presence across industries. Professional and legal services, corporate development functions, investment banking and private capital markets are no exception. These sectors are navigating a complex terrain where knowledge, professionals, and relationships matter like nothing else – while firm leaders and partners must also navigate the need to deliver more with less, streamline operations, enhance client experiences, and drive sustainable growth.

Our alliance with Intapp offers transformational capabilities and comprehensive solutions that address the unique needs of our shared clients in these industries. Whether it's optimizing client engagement or business development, enhancing risk management, or automating critical workflows, KPMG and Intapp have the expertise and technology to drive meaningful change. For legal and professional services, our combined capabilities enable partner-led firms to streamline their operations, improve client service delivery, and enhance profitability. With Intapp’s cutting-edge SaaS solutions and KPMG’s industry expertise, we empower professionals with modern work experiences and firm management solutions, leveraging actionable insights, scalable platforms, and the power of artificial intelligence.

In corporate development functions, our alliance equips deal professionals with the tools needed to make data-driven strategic and investment decisions, streamline M&A processes, and drive value creation. Together with Intapp, we help corporate development functions and professionals to deliver exceptional value and drive their organizations’ strategic objectives efficiently and effectively.

In the world of investment banking and private capital markets, our alliance offers solutions that enhance deal origination, execution, and post-transaction activities. Actionable insights from firmwide and third-party data are brought to the fingertips of deal professionals using industry-specific AI, tailored solutions, and the power of the cloud. With KPMG's financial expertise and Intapp's technology, we empower organizations to stay ahead in a competitive deal marketplace.

Our alliance with Intapp enables us to harness the full potential of modern technology, including cloud computing, data analytics, and artificial intelligence, to deliver tailored solutions that drive digital transformation for our clients. We understand that the path to success in today's landscape demands innovation, agility, and a commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements – with a focus on industry-specific and unique requirements.

Learn more about KPMG’s and Intapp’s capabilities and solutions for your firm.

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Transform your procurement organization to be digitally driven and efficient

Unlock potential in procurement with KPMG Powered Enterprise.

KPMG Powered Procurement enabled by Ivalua is an outcome-driven approach that helps prepare your business for the future. At its heart is KPMG’s prebuilt target operating model supported by Ivalua’s cloud-based strategic sourcing and procure-to-pay solutions.

Ivalua’s Rapid Deployment packages and industry solutions let you deploy leading practices quickly. The unified suite allows you to digitize the source-to-pay process, across all spend categories, to effectively transform procurement. Unique platform flexibility lets you stay agile, innovate quickly and build a truly competitive procurement advantage. 

KPMG Powered Enterprise | Procurement enabled by Ivalua leverages this technology and provides:

  • An intuitive experience for internal users and suppliers that encourages rapid adoption
  • Data-driven decision making with reports, active dashboards and queries
  • System-driven controls and governance that support a client control framework
  • Leading-practice-based functionality and workflows to support strategic sourcing, contract management and guided buying
  • A forward-looking architecture built for change
  • Industry-specific practices to address your unique needs

The Ivalua platform supports robust integration with enterprise systems and advanced functionality provides the features, add-ons and connectors to enable your digital procurement transformation.

Start your procurement transformation with KPMG Powered Enterprise and Ivalua!

Solution area: Source-to-Pay

The decision to transform the Source-to-Pay process requires collaboration across departments and a willingness to address each disparate challenge. KPMG and Ivalua can help you with a cloud-based S2P solution that improves, standardizes and automates procurement processes while providing a single source of procurement analytics and reports to deliver value to your bottom line.

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Technology solutions to help transform your business and accelerate growth

With the rapid pace of innovation, it can be difficult determining the right technologies in order to create a sustainable advantage over the competition. As you embark on your digital transformation journey, you can rely on KPMG professionals and our business-first approach to deliver effective Microsoft technology-based solutions to help you achieve your business objectives.

At KPMG, we apply Microsoft technologies to help businesses build the right solutions for their needs. Systems include Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Data and Analytics and Cloud Transformation.

With Microsoft Dynamics 365, we can combine financials, operations, sales, service, marketing and intelligence on one cloud platform, enabling clear visibility and simplicity of management.

Our team of professionals can help you with the supply, implementation and support of Microsoft solutions.

Learn more how KPMG and Microsoft can boost your digital transformation.

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The unique combination of the Odoo all-in-one platform and the KPMG expertise to enable, secure, and accelerate your business transformation.

The need for business transformation is becoming increasingly critical for every company to compete in their market. Finding the right enterprise resource platform (ERP) that will support your company activity and growth, keeps costs under control, and provides flexibility to adapt to future challenges and opportunities is a critical aspect of transformation journeys.

After the success of the real-time accounting partnership, KPMG and Odoo have decided to expand the existing collaboration to provide services for the implementation of the complete scope of Odoo applications. This new alliance between the Tech Belgian Unicorn and KPMG brings a new opportunity for industries to benefit from an integrated, cutting-edge, and user-friendly technology; while also benefiting from the expertise and experience of KPMG in business transformation journeys.

Odoo is a Belgian ERP with more than 80 applications, covering various business needs: from CRM to accounting, inventory and production, but also website/eCommerce, a HR suite (including a payroll application) and many more. All applications are natively integrated which allows a simplified IT landscape for companies.

This alliance is another opportunity for KPMG to offer an additional option to our clients who are engaging their organization in a business transformation journey.

To enable, secure, and accelerate Odoo based business transformation projects, we leverage our knowledge of the leading industry practices, acquired through the execution of thousands of projects across the entire KPMG network.

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As the demand for smart building technologies grows in combination with the importance of digitalization and sustainability, the scope and complexity that real estate and facility managers are faced with is expanding. On top of that, due to the new ways of working that have been triggered by the pandemic, the workplace needs to be re-invented to the most efficient extent. 

Due to these evolutions, real estate owners should be thinking about their long-term real estate strategy and how their needs evolve with these trends. Furthermore, service providers will be able to collect the output of their services with their clients from these systems. Their combined goal is to optimize business and workplace performance by simplifying business processes and reducing costs during every phase of the real estate lifecycle. 

The KPMG Powered Real Estate, a pre-configured Target Operating Model for Real Estate-related processes, together with Planon’s Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) can be implemented rapidly with maximum added value for your organization. Planon’s technology platform consists of 5 modules that can be implemented separately and tailored to the needs of your organization:

  • Real Estate Portfolio Management
  • Space & Workplace Management
  • Asset & Maintenance Management
  • Integrated Services Management
  • Sustainability Management

With KPMG Powered Real Estate, supported by Planon’s technology platform, organizations benefit from an enhanced approach improving real estate and facility management by blending the latest technological advancements with the real estate expertise of KPMG consultants. 

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Helping your organization tapping into the potential of your data & technology platforms

Competing in such a changing business and regulatory context is becoming extremely difficult. On the other end, the potential of technology combined with the high amount of data and analytics technique available are enlarging the horizon of possibilities. 

Multi-disciplinary solutions and teams can help cope with such a world of challenges and opportunities. 

The KPMG’s SAS alliance provides your organization with the industry knowledge and experience of KPMG professionals, working with SAS’s dedicated analytics software platform. This unique combination of skills offers you services in the areas of accounting and regulatory change, as well as risk and financial data management.

Leveraging SAS’s advanced analytics and open modeling platforms, KPMG’s multi-disciplinary teams develop and deliver advanced Risk, Fraud, Compliance and Customer Intelligence Solutions to help clients enable and achieve:

  • Technology Modernization
  • Business Enablement
  • Cost Efficiency
  • IT Operation Agility
  • Data-driven business transfromation

KPMG and SAS Cloud Acceleration Centers

Our joint Cloud Acceleration Centers can help your company navigate your journey to the cloud–from design and architecture to implementation–more cost-effectively and with increased speed. The centers are highly collaborative, tech-enabled environments that bring together multidisciplinary teams to help you maximize the power of the cloud.

Solution areas

  • Procurement Integrity
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Model Review Management
  • Advanced Analytics & AI 
  • Data Governance & Data Management
  • Data Platform & Architecture Transformation
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Managing identity in the modern enterprise

At a time of increasing speed of technological disruption there are significant challenges with stringent regulatory requirements and ever evolving threats to sensitive assets and information. The cyber capability that holds the key to securing data assets, and reducing the risk of data breaches is effective IAM. Maintaining effective IAM capabilities is crucial in reducing the risk and ensuring controls are in place to deliver predictable outcomes for today’s business. Powered Enterprise | Cyber is designed to achieve faster,  measurable and scalable outcomes for our clients’ IAM programs, enabling them to achieve a quantifiable reduction of cyber security risks and demonstrating auditable and sustainable outcomes to regulators.

The Powered Cyber Identity Management combines SailPoint’s cloud identity platform, Identity Now, with KPMG’s Powered Enterprise methodology to accelerate the delivery of identity management programs and services. It is an outcome-driven transformation solution that enables you to prioritize and deliver IAM capabilities in a way that secures your most critical assets. In addition to being scalable and auditable, it provides an improved end user experience.

Your Identity Management solution

KPMG professionals understand the challenges with increased data complexity, lack of process standardization and ineffective governance of service deployed for identity management programs. The Identity Management offering can help organizations better respond to risk reduction requirements and auditor expectations.

  • The Identity Management offering provides a formidable combination of leading practices and processes, proven technology solutions and a next-generation delivery framework.
  • The Powered operating model shapes how IAM transformation plays through every layer of the organisation.
  • The Powered execution suite is a set of tools and processes that are designed to enable effective delivery of IAM projects, pre-populated with project management, issue and resource management and collaboration tools.


The Powered SailPoint journey provides access to a pre-defined methodology that comprises the Powered Cyber delivery lifecycle.

What is in the box?

With the Identity Management offering, the results are impressive:

  • quick outcomes from IAM program implementation—automated delivery of identity management services
  • secured and improved user experience for access to critical assets
  • auditable IAM controls
  • immediate access to leading practices, processes and governance


The Identity Management offering focuses on the IAM transformation of your business with real, long-lasting change. Technology is simply the enabler. Working with you, we can help you navigate confidently into the digital future — creating a roadmap to accelerate the transformation of your identity management within your organisation.

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Digital solutions to balance data protection with business growth

KPMG and ServiceNow work together to deliver digital solutions to modernize and consolidate your service management processes to help unlock productivity, increase efficiency and lower costs, while ensuring the flexibility needed to meet the evolving needs of your modern-day business. 

Companies in every industry around the world today are grappling with complex challenges surrounding their enterprise service management. KPMG professionals ― along with ServiceNow ― can help you consolidate, automate, and modernize your service management processes, raising efficiency and lowering costs within your processes and infrastructure. 

Organizations that use KPMG Powered Enterprise enabled by ServiceNow can expect lower risk, higher value, and a thorough implementation that aligns how employees interact with internal organizations. Our combined decades of business, technology, industry, and ServiceNow know-how are helping organizations transform all over the world.

Learn more how KPMG and ServiceNow can help with your IT digital transformation.

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Just a few years ago, dedicated privacy teams could typically only be found at large organizations in highly regulated industries, such as banking and healthcare. These teams were often small—or even a team of one—and maintained a singular focus around compliance with federal privacy regulations. Today, privacy teams can be found across every industry, as the organizational privacy mindset  has shifted from a narrow focus on compliance to viewing privacy as a competitive differentiator.

The alliance between KPMG and OneTrust combines professional services and privacy technology to provide your company with a broad strategy and solution to institute governance, develop and implement privacy processes, and support change management as you automate your privacy program.

Out of the box, OneTrust has many customizable features and KPMG has experience tailoring these features to fit clients’ specific needs. We help you define key terms within the context of your enterprise, determine how requirements will differ across business areas, and decide who the core users will be. In collaboration with your privacy team, KPMG can support the creation and management of a thorough data inventory and advise on the development of data subject access request (DSAR) web forms and workflows. During OneTrust’s solution configuration and management, KPMG can develop privacy training materials and assist in cross training resources so your organization is prepared to manage OneTrust in the long term.

Together, we can help develop and implement privacy strategies and practices that enhance organizations customer experiences, operations, regulatory compliance, brand reputation, investor confidence, and more.