Through helping other organizations mitigate risks and grasp opportunities, we can drive positive, sustainable change for clients, our people and society at large.

Globally, KPMG firms operate in 143 countries and territories, and in FY22, collectively employed more than 265,000 partners and people, serving the needs of business, governments, public-sector agencies, not-for-profits and through KPMG firms' audit and assurance practices, the capital markets.

KPMG Belgium employes over 1900 people in 8 offices across Belgium.

We are committed to quality and service excellence in all that we do, bringing our best to clients and earning the public's trust through our actions and behaviors both professionally and personally.

Meet our Management Team


KPMG Global board

The Global Board is the principal governance and oversight body. Its key responsibilities include approving long-term strategy, protecting and enhancing the KPMG brand and approving policies and regulations. It includes the Chairman, the Deputy Chairman and the Chairman of each of our three regions (the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, the Middle East and Africa). The Global Council focuses on high-level governance tasks and facilitates discussion with and between the member firms. It includes representation from 54 member firms.



Our Values

Our Values are the foundation of everything we do and every action we take. They represent what we believe in and who we aspire to be.

These values actively steer our daily conduct, influencing our behavior, decision-making processes, and interactions—whether within our internal teams, with clients, in our communities, or among all stakeholders. These values unite us harmoniously, bridging the diverse backgrounds and cultures we come from, forming a shared foundation for each one of us.

Embarking on the journey of embracing and embodying these values necessitates the collective dedication and commitment of every member within our organization.


Global Code of Conduct

Within our Global Code of Conduct, we outline the responsibilities all KPMG people have to each other, our clients, and the public. It shows how our Values and Purpose inspire our greatest aspirations and guide all our behaviors and actions. It defines what it means to work at and be part of KPMG, as well as our individual and collective responsibilities.

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Vendor Code of Conduct

As auditors, accountants, tax consultants, lawyers and consultants of KPMG we are at the heart of society and seek to take responsibility in what we do. Corporate social responsibility is therefore an indispensable part of our services and the way we work. Our code of conduct for vendors is an integral aspect of our corporate social responsibility goals. That is why we ask our vendors to take note of the content of this code of conduct and endorse and apply the values and standards set out in this document.