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Together with Coupa, KPMG can help your organization achieve the desired procurement transformation by fully capitalizing on cloud technologies and automation in order to run your operations more efficiently.

As a Coupa Global Elite partner, KPMG has more than 475 Coupa-certified professionals across the member firm network. As one of Coupa’s longest standing alliances, our teams have delivered over 150 implementations in more than 100 countries across 20 industries. The proven methodology and track record for delivering successful projects can help you identify and mitigate risk exposure and drive accountability in your supply chain.

Together, KPMG and Coupa can help you drive smarter business spend management, increase effectiveness and add business value to your bottom line through cloud-based technology and a rapid implementation framework.

Smarter business spend management

Your procurement organization can quickly transform, realize a rapid and steady ROI and deliver value to the business by taking advantage of KPMG’s global implementation experience and Coupa’s software. KPMG and Coupa can help you build a high-efficiency, value-added procurement organization that delivers a sustainable competitive advantage.

KPMG and Coupa work together to drive value from your investment in targeted procurement improvements and broad procurement transformations. This includes:

  1. Lower total cost of ownership. Reduce your total cost with a subscription-based, annual licensing model with no hidden fees along with rapid deployment and low maintenance overhead.
  2. Streamlined procurement processes. Drive increased operational performance by enhancing and aligning future-state source-to-contract (S2C) and procure-to-pay (P2P) processes.
  3. Enhanced program management. Collaborate with and help your organization achieve program success through tight management of scope, resources and deliverables.
  4. Robust supplier enablement. Empower your employees to purchase through catalogs, thereby driving them to preferred pricing and increasing supplier compliance with pricing and e-invoicing.
  5. Business insight. Draw data from across your business functions and leverage sophisticated analytics to get answers now and to look ahead at how costs and spend are trending.
  6. Dependable change management. Drive user adoption with end-user training and supplier onboarding.
  7. Rapid time to value. Speed up your return on investment with powerful methodologies and tools, along with a full suite of project accelerators and templates.
  8. Reduced risk. Ease your compliance burden and understand the tax implications of procurement spend by leveraging KPMG’s finance knowledge.

Customer success with KPMG and Coupa

Customers have achieved remarkable results by working with KPMG and Coupa to transform procurement.

  • A global snack food and beverage company increased electronic invoicing significantly, with over 60 percent of al invoices submitted electronically and over 13.000 suppliers transacting through the Coupa supplier portal.
  • A global life sciences company decreased its non-PO spend by 84 percent and reduced the number of days for requisition approval from 12 days to 1 day.
  • An insurance and financial services company increased spend under management from 20 to 60 percent in the first two months after deployment.
  • A real estate firm decreased the cycle time for requisition approval from eight days to 20 hours; it increased its use of electronic invoices from zero to 75 percent.
  • A global consumer packaged goods company improved its transactional efficiency with a first-pass invoicing match rate of 75 percent and climbing.

Leveraging indirect tax automation in your procurement transformation

Companies today face disruption from competitors and new entrants that upend established business models by leveraging new technologies. These competitive pressures demand you to extract value from every operation, leaving no room for waste or inefficiency. Improving processes and leveraging the right technology can help you maintain your competitive edge.

Coupa’s cloud-based business spend management platform supports the entire spectrum of the source to-pay process—including contracts, inventory, sourcing and supplier management. It is designed to give organizations transparency and control over the ways spend happens in the organization—procurement, expenses and accounts payable. Coupa allows you to analyze enterprise-wide spend and make effective sourcing decisions, all while delivering transactional efficiencies via automation.

KPMG can help you by streamlining and automating the processes around indirect tax and coordinating these enhancements with the Coupa solution. The KPMG team has the experience and know-how to develop an effective framework around the AP process, automate tax decisions and create a streamlined reporting process, each of which helps you reduce costs and increase cash flow.

The KPMG Indirect Tax Technology practice utilizes a wide range of tools and services to help you get the most of your Coupa deployment.

Tax automation and integration

KPMG can work with you to deploy and/or integrate into an existing indirect tax software package the ability to automate indirect tax decision-making, controls and reporting from Coupa. KPMG has a wide range of experience with a variety of tax automation solutions. As a certified implementation partner of many tax engine solutions, KPMG can help provide guidance and support from vendor selection through to final implementation and/or integration. Our integration tax software solutions provide APIs as a means of simplifying, securing, and facilitating SaaS and on-prem tax automation integrations. Predefined APIs support tax data interactions with Coupa, while still preserving your tax data as aligned to any corporate data models.

Data and analytics

Data are fundamentally changing the way businesses and tax authorities approach tax management, and KPMG can help you gain insight into your tax data to better monitor and manage taxes using the Coupa process. Our market-leading data and analytics tools are specifically designed to help increase visibility, access information and better manage risks. Whether you’re looking for static diagnostic reports, services in the cloud or custom-designed on-premises solutions, we can offer the tools in your preferred delivery model.


KPMG Powered Enterprise/Procurement enabled by Coupa—embedded with years of leading practice, built upon preconfigured templates and enhanced with automation—enables you to quickly transform and derive enhanced value from your move to the cloud. Our finance expertise enables us to assess tax considerations and implications for procurement spend, delivering tangible benefits to our clients and supporting their procurement transformation.